Exercise–I find that at sometimes when I exercise my sugar goes up and at other times it goes down…any advice on when a good time to exercise is? Better than others? Kelly

I’m no expert…but in my experience I have found that after running my blood sugar rises. I think my body may be preparing for me to continue running for a longer period of time. And then about an hour or two after exercising my blood sugar settles into a much more comfortable range.

That means that I just treat exercise like my meals…I give my body a bit of time to adjust before I pull out my meter.

Again, I’m not an expert, but once or twice I have had by blood sugars SOAR when I exercised. I think that it was because i hardly took any insulin (cause I was going to do intensive exercise).

In my understanding, exercise decreasing your blood sugar because it makes the insulin more effective, but if you do not have enough insulin in you, then it will increase your blood sugar.

Is this true? Other ideas?

I think if you still make insulin, exercising will bring your BG level down. If you don’t it sometimes goes down and sometimes up. I have LADA and still make my own and exercising is a great way to bring my BG down about 50 points. This works well when I have eaten some carbs and NOT given myself a shot. However, I started basal insulin last week and yesterday was doing some energetic gardening. I had several broderline hypos (60s and 70s) and had to stop and eat every couple of hours. Next time, I think I will reduce my basal so I can avoid that.

Hey thanks! That makes a lot of sense to me! I have found too that when I walk at a moderate rate and not real fast it does not go up but down, so maybe your “theory” is correct! Also I am SO much a worrier that I am always checking my sugar, I like what you said about meals too, give my body some time before getting the meter out!! Thanks bunches!!

This is a very interesting topic. I have thought about this a lot but have never researched it before. I have been riding a lot preparing for the 100 Mile portion of the Tour de Cure. When I go out for a long ride of around 50 miles I eat and drink items that contain carbs so that I don’t “bonk.” I don’t bolus but I am getting my basal insulin from my pump. I may still be producing some insulin but I have not had a C-peptide lately.

I do know that when I used Lantus that my BG would fall very quickly. The reason, you get different absorption rates from under your skin when you are relaxing vs. exercising.

I just found this-Kris Berg, EdD Diabetes Health
Link to article

"Low insulin coupled with physical activity stimulates the secretion of several other hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, glucagon, and growth hormone. Collectively these hormones trigger the liver to release glucose into the blood, thereby increasing the BG rather than decreasing it. "

Thank you SO much!! That makes so much sense too, I am going to check that article out later when I’m done working!! Blessings to you and have a great day!! Kelly

David, I just wanted to say you are exactly right on target with your information about the liver. Obviously I am not the only one who loves the study of physiology.

I must take note of this…I exercise my dog but am not in control of my blood sugar, I am in here to get things better. Yesterday, my greyhound Bess ran away and got lost. OH! the exercise I had and the panic but I did eventually find her. But I did more exercise than I had in my life. Last night I was incredibly thirsty and couldnt sleep - would this be the blood sugar up because of this do you think? Can heart stopping panic plus more exercise than have had for ages (lol) send blood sugar into overdrive?

Thanks! Cathrynn X

I really think so! Mom had type 1 (me type 2)and her physical therapist told her that because she did not exercise often that when she does her muscles could excrete the stored sugar out into her blood and make it higher—and YES high stress causes sugars to go high, of adrenalin makes more sugar…I’m always told to RELAX…and deep breathing (count breathing in 2 times and exhale out 4 times in a count like this for both–1000 1, 1000 2 and so on!) I’m brand new to here, you too? Kelly

LOL! I dont know about that Cathrynn:) I do know that I go up directly after exercise and then about two hours later I have slowly dropped into my “awesome numbers” :slight_smile: I just need to be more consistent with my exercise. It seems on the weeks when I am consistent that I can “afford” a little more carb or a treat.( Not on a regular basis.)
Hang in there!

I agree, this is an interesting topic. It also depends on what you’ve eaten that day. Fat affects our blood sugars hours after we’ve eaten it. For those pumpers out there, we use the pizza bolus. For non-pumpers, this can explain having a normal bg before bedtime and waking up in the am with a bg of 250. For me, I’ve had D for close to 75% of my lifetime. I was a competitive gymnast in my younger years and also played fast pitch softball. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I try to bike, walk, or do yoga 3-4 times a week. If I test and I’m in the 80-90 range, I’m headed for a low. I’m quite aware of my symptoms…I’ve never been low without feeling it. So, whether my bg is 100 or 190, I always drink Gatorade during my workouts. Per serving, it contains about 12 grams of carbs. After my workout, if I happen to have a high reading, I can always bolus. My biggest fear has always been “falling out” in the middle of a bike path and no one is around.

Wow! I’m so glad to hear of other people going through what I go through during exercise. Sometimes after exercise it goes high and sometimes it goes low. If I bolus for the high after exercise I’m guaranteed a crashing low. So I just wait it out. What I think has been helping me is not panicking. One of the reasons I don’t like going to the gym, I’m afraid of a bad low. And dealing with that whole situation.

I have found that Tai Chi and QiGong have helped in getting exercise in and helping to calm my mind. It’s like a moving meditation. Not to mention the toned body.

Also It seems to be an exercise where my pump doesn’t end up hurting me during exercise. If I run with the pump, the pump is like containing another boob. No matter how strapped in you have it, it’s still all over the place.

Kind regards

Kelly, i know that when my daughter exercises swimming, especially it goes down. However if she is disconnected from her pump to long it travels back up quickly. I also find that i am always weary of giving her to much insulin when she is running etc., so i think so of the highs are because she hasn’t taken enough insulin,