Black spots on finger tips

I have a lot of black spots on my finger tips from testing. I think it is from dried blood under the skin. They seem to last a long time. Anybody know how to avoid them?

How often do you test? Have you tried other parts of your body to test? I have actually bruised my finger tips because I have had to test so often. Try not having the lancet go into your skin as it does now. Try thinner lancets.

What type of dogs do you have? They are cute.

Hey hun, i usually get these when i stab in an area where the skin has already started to harden. The only way i avoid them is by making sure i stab into a nice soft bit :stuck_out_tongue: avoiding the tips, and rotate them through every finger regularly ;). should do the trick. But even so… are you self concious of them? x gave me the insight which made my pricking painless and without any trauma or spotting. That and 30 gauge B&D lancets, which are thinner than most.

I used a file on my fingertips when the skin starts to get hard.The same one you would use on your heels.It helps if you soak your finger tips in warm water.It will help soften them.

It varies. I sometimes test as much as 12 times a day if I am trying out new foods, but I always test at least 4 times a day. I thought fingertips were the best place to test as you get a more recent BG there. My dogs are standard poodles.