Blaming Diabetes (The Jay Cutler football incident)

You may have heard some talk about the recent NFL game where Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler had a bad game, a really really bad game, and some started questioning whether his Type 1 diabetes had anything to do with it. You can find over at The Diabetic Corner’s Booth my take on that whole situation, and some tidbits from Jay Cutler himself about what did and didn’t happen.

Having T1 diabetes… and having had a concussion in the past… let me tell you, that T1 diabetes is (from a mental wooziness perspective) easy in comparison 99.9999% of the time.

What’s The Diabetic Coorner’s Booth ?

Thanks for the comment, Dar. The Diabetic’s Corner Booth is my personal blog where I pretty much write about whatever D-topic may be on the mind.