NFL's Cutler Flops on Field, Scores For Diabetes Off of It

Diabetes News Hound ran an article this morning about a new program Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Chicago Bears is participating in to help send children with diabetes to camp.

You can check out the article here.

Cutler was pretty awful on the field yesterday, but at least he is helping others with diabetes. Football fans, what do you think – is it time to panic in Chicago yet?

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I’m a Bears fan but very dissapointed in yesterday’s game. I think Cuttler needs to settle down a little bit and he’ll do ok. (yesterday almost reminded me of the later Grossman years.) Too early to make a decision yet on how the team is going to do this year. Usually I don’t panic until a little later in the season.

I’m a cheesehead. Chicago looked pretty good against the Pack. They probably won’t run into many tougher defenseive schemes.