Blogs being followed 2016 for the TUDiabetes blog page

In 2015, we first assembled a list of blogs we are following for our Diabetes Blog page. Our list originated with the sign ups for 2015 Dblog week and updated with 2016 Dblog week. But of course there are still others out there. The list can be expanded, and I am interested if folks find additional blogs they would like us to follow. This is a living list and while blogs naturally fall off because they are no longer posting (obviously we only read posted material) we do not have a good way to add blogs. If you know a blog not on our list, give us the tip and we will get it added.

(Buzz, Buzz) Not My Cell
¡Dulcesitos para mi!
7 years to diagnosis
A life of Sparkles and Sugar
A Sweet Life
A vida depois da Diabetes Tipo 1!
Adventures in Diabetes Parenting
Alberta Diabetic Girl
And Then You’re At Jax
Arden’s Day Blog - Arden’s Day - type 1 diabetes parenting
Artificially Sweet Life
Believe with Heart
Below Seven
Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
Bittersweet Diagnosis
Blog - Pumpstash
Blue Heel Society eMagazine
Bridget Writes
BS and INsillion with my Sugar Bear
Bustin’ Diabetes for Justin - Atom
Canadian D-gal
Candy Hearts Blog
carb-counting kids
Center for Diabetes and Mental Health
Chasing Lows
Chortling Towards Bethlehem
Circles of Blue
Coffee & Insulin
Comments for Living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease
Confessions of a Deniabetic
Cut the B.S.! … I mean Blood Sugar!
d every day
Death of a Pancreas
Dedicated to One More Day
Delphi Diabetes Coaching
diabetes a bordo
Diabetes Advocacy
Diabetes Blog
Diabetes Blog – Happy
Diabetes blog week
Diabetes Counselling Online
Diabetes Dad
Diabetes Daily Grind
Diabetes Life Balance
Diabetes Odyssey
Diabetes Ramblings
Diabetesaliciousness ©
Diabetic Dani
Diabetic in the Middle East
Diabetic Sisters » Feed
Diabetically Speaking
DiabeticDanica (uploads) on YouTube
Diagnosed Not Defeated
Diary Of An Insulin Addict
dLife - For Your Diabetes Life!
Dreams of Lewis
D-solve » Feed
Fifteen Wait Fifteen
Fit and Pumped Diabetes Blog
Flying Furballs
four sweet kids…two with diabetes
futuregrl123 (uploads) on YouTube
Get Ready, Get Set . . . Oh NO! I’m Low.
Got Insulin?
I am a Type 1 Diabetic Warrior
I am Type One
I Run on Batteries
Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink
insulin resilience
Jaime, mi dulce guerrero
Joy Benchmarks
Lauren Jones (uploads) on YouTube
Lauren Nygard Photography
Life Beyond Glucose
Life on T1
Life with “DDA”
Life with a diabetic child
Life With Injections
Life, or something like it…
Lifetime Learning
Living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease
Louise’s Blog
Lucia’s Life with Diabetes
lynnshell78 (uploads) on YouTube
Mischievous Kristin
Mom of a T1 Teen
Moments of Wonderful
Mrs Nichola D
My Bitter Sweet Life
My Crazy Life With My Diabetic Service Dog.
My Diabetic Heart
My Lazy Pancreas
My Life: A Long Trip with T1D
My Pink Pancreas
My Super Hero and D
Nerdy April’s Space Adventures
No More Shots for Shannon
Nyxks Musings
One Step Closer to the Cure
One Sweet Cookie
Pancreas-less and Proud
Pancreatically Challenged Nurse
Principles of Uncertainty
pumpinglaura’s Blog
Push My Buttons to Turn Me On

Quote My Life!
Rantings of a T1 Mom ™
Rolling in the D
Running on carbs
Running with Diabetes
Running Without Sugar
Scott’s DiabetesScott’s Diabetes
See Jen Dance
Simply Sears
Six Until Me – diabetes blog
Stacey Simms
Sugar Stalking
Sweet and Sour- The Type 1 Diabetes Rollercoaster
Sweet Success
Sweet Victory
Sweet Zoo
T1D and Gluten
T1D and Gluten Free
Tackling Type 1 Diabetes blogs
Test Guess and Go
The 9 inch plate
The B.A.D. Blog
The Betes Life
The Blood Sugar Whisperer
The Diabetic’s Corner Booth
The D-Log Cabin
The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes
The Grumpy Pumper
The Human Pincushion Experiment
The Life of a Diabetic
The Savvy Diabetic
The Trials of Type 2 Diabetes
Thomas’ Diabetes Blog
Training Type 1 Diabetes to live with ME!
Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic
Type 1 & Sons
Type 1 Diabeater
Type 1 Writes – Diabetes Blog
Type ONEderful
Unexpected Blues
Very Light, No Sugar
Vicki’s Notebook.
What Your Endo Didn’t Tell You
The Diabetic Diva
Yoga For Diabetes
Spinning Dinner Plates
Come Sit Down
AskManny DIabetes
Current Research into Cures for Type-1 Diabetes
Stick With It Sugar
My Life in Dog Years - living with diabetes, depression & HOPE!
Dinesh the Diabetic
My Sweet Beat
Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes
A slice of life with Diabetes


And perhaps some of these blogs that have remained inactive for, say over two years or so, could be removed from the list. (Once I retire, I would be happy to maintain and update the blog list, but I just don’t have enough time right now. But once I turn 88 and can actually afford to retire, please remind me and I will step up and make good on my offer. I promise!)

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maybe not the most prolific bloggers, but they are dear friends to DHF.

The list is about 95% active at this time. I was able to remove a few this year, but by and large, if people signed up for DBlog week, last year they were up this year. There is no comprehensive list, of diabetes blogs and bringing this forward might help that.

Since we use Feedly we only look at them if they change (add content), so if they are not active we do not check in on them.

We would love to have some help when you get to point where you are able.


Marie: I know I have Brian’s blog up but we do not have the other two, I will add them.

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Part of the list is numbered while some of it is not. Also many of the blogs are link whereas others, aren’t.


Yes I am in process of adding the links, the numbers were just for checking to make sure I had the entire list, once i get all the links in I will renumber it. I found about 4 duplicates int he original list so as I add links I am taking out numbers but when I get the list in place I will renumber it so we can refer to them by number form then on.

Adding links is all manual under discourse.


Got it

Is it possible to separate T1 and T2 blogs?

My ideal would be that we would bring everyone with any type of diabetes together instead of separating them.


Concur. One big tent.

I wonder if you could somehow tag blogs, so that people looking for blogs on specific topics (Type 1, Type 2, weight loss, complications, technology) could narrow things down. Of course, some blogs are general and deal with everything, but others are quite topic-specific.

The blogs are already categorized, just not separated into diabetes types. You can see the categories at the top of the blog page and they are: headlines, photos, videos, science, ...

The blog list would be almost impossible to seperate by type. Almost all bloggers type generally by subject matter (diabetes) meaning I would want my blog in type 1, type 2 as well as MODY. I think most bloggers do.

The one thing to keep in mind is that we read the blogs regardless of type and relay about 60 - 70% of what we read to our blog page.

This list is really designed to let members know what is being read in case new ones come up that you discover. Knowing of new blogs is important to our effort, since we have already found 4 not in the original list.

i am hopeful that the nightly work of our blog team can be facilitated by the list

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Can I lobby to include my blog? It entitled “Current Research into Cures for Type-1 Diabetes”, and you can see it here:
I’ve been running it for about 7 years and average about 2 posts per month for that time.

Joshua Levy


I’ve been following Joshua’s blog since my daughter was diagnosed. He clearly understands the science and is able to weed out the “woo” stuff and critically evaluate the remainder. I can’t recommend his blog highly enough!

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For some reason, I cannot figure out, the number app in Discourse is not displaying the number correctly. It is wrapping the number after 100. However as an FYI, there are 187 entries at this point.

My blog is not so much a “diabetes blog”, but a blog by a PWD.
My Life in Dog Years - living with diabetes, depression & HOPE!
I love to interact with others who “get” living with t1d & all the chaos that it can involve. I post about life & of course as any PWD knows, diabetes always ends up being a big part of it! I’d love to have you visit!

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Christina at blogs about life with her 3 T1 kids.

No idea whether or not she’s a member here.

I would note that the concept for the blog section was to highlight the blogs of TuDiabetes members.