Blood Glucose 123...The Beginning

First thing every morning, I wash my hands and test the blood glucose level to see what has happened in the night. Being new to diabetes care, I often have more questions than answers. After the number shows up on the face of the monitor with a beep, I write it down on my food /glucose record. Then I am able to determine what to have for breakfast.

I test the blood a minimum of twice each day and have been monitoring blood glucose levels for 60 days so far. I do so first thing in the morning, which usually records the highest numbers with rare exceptions. Also, I take the medicine Metformin twice a day.

During this learning period, the blood glucose numbers have stayed close to or within the guidelines the diabetes educator told me to watch for. I saw the doctor yesterday for a follow-up visit and scheduled the next blood test for the A1C levels - a "gold standard" for monitoring how my diabetes management is really coming along.

Daily exercise, monitoring levels, eating the recommended foods all play important roll in managing my Type 2. I walk a minimum of 30 minutes more than five times a week, whether I want to or not. I say no thank you to seconds. I eat at home more than I eat out because it is easier that way and I weigh and measure the foods I eat. Since I saw the doctor last (6 weeks ago) I lost a disappointing 3 pounds. I try not to become discouraged. I also try not to obsess over all the numbers -- but it is a challenge. I did not find it helpful yesterday when the doctor said to me, "I want you to lose weight." I looked at her and tried to be open minded and sound polite as I told her, "I've lost more than 10 percent of my body weight in recent months, I am doing all that is suggested, and the weight is coming off, but slowly - it was much easier when I was younger." At this point I was looking to see if Jillian was going to pop out from behind a curtain and start yelling for me to get going.

I headed to the doctor visit with a positive attitude, feeling great about the work I have accomplished and determined to learn more about making the changes I need to make. I came home from that doctor visit discouraged. This is not how I want to feel after visiting with a member of my self-care team. I was exhausted last night- is there a connection? I woke up tired, fell back to sleep and find that my sugar level is lower today than it has been since I began testing it. Coincidence? I haven't a clue.

Today's gift: I have been consistent with taking care of my health, I exercise, I eat right, I don't take Geritol, (sorry I could not resist sharing that flashback from the old 60's television commercial). I take care of business ventures, I am working on photography, and find great blessings in it all. I will focus on that and see what next month's A1C test reveals.

Great attitude! That’s more than half the battle. Hard not to be discouraged by doctors & not feel they’re our judges, but they’re not. I told one doctor that I needed practical guidance, not general suggestions. He changed his behavior towards me after that. A difficult lesson for me to learn in life is that we have to tell people what we need, instead of having hurt feelings when they don’t deliver. Doesn’t mean they’re willing to do this, but it’s a start with healthcare professionals.

If you’re following ADA dietary recommendations, it’s difficult to lose weight & maintain good BG doing this. Lowering carbs is the way to success.

It looks Good on you Denise. You are doing a Wonderful job of looking after yourself and just being newly diagnosed(dxd) too. Boo on your Dr. I would like ANY Physician who comes down on a new Diabetic Patient like that, to have Diabetes for 6 weeks and try keeping their sugars in control. It would be interesting to see how well they do. I do not wish Diabetes or other diseases on anyone. Keep up your Good work and keep your chin up. :wink:

Denise, Sounds like you have your priorities in line, getting and keeping your BG in line. When I was first Dx that was my focus, figuring out how to get my blood glucose under control. It did take a while as the diabetic educators only taught ADA and once I figured out what I really needed, and kept my BG under 120 things improved quickly. Weight fell off, lipids improved, BG improved even further. I never did count calories and still don’t I only count carbs. Good luck with your new journey you will learn a lot here, every member here will be behind you 100%

I think you are doing a great job. I don’t understand why people have to be so negative. So you keep it up!!!

I think you’re doing great as well! Doctors, try as they might, sometimes do not have the best bedside manner, and I think they become numb to the things that come out of their mouths sometimes, even if they have the best of intentions. I wouldn’t let your doctor’s comments get you down. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep up the good work!