Blood glucose meters

i dont currently have insurance and i just ran out of strips for my bayer contour USB meter. does anyone know of a meter that is reliable that uses less expensive strips? i remember seeing a commercial about the accucheck aviva meter and how u could get a card that you wouldnt pay over 15 dollars for strips. but i dont see the commercial anymore or the offer anywhere :frowning: any suggestions/thoughts/ideas?

One touch machine and strips are very cheap.

I use a WaveSense Presto strips are less than $18 ordered on the web. Walmarts Relion has strips for around $20 for 50. Sometimes you can find deals on strips on Ebay just watch the expiration date.

Bayer Contour has that Simple Wins program on their website. I think it is $15 for 50 strips per month. I know lots of us use more than 50 strips, though. I buy my Contour Strips on Amazon for about $53 per 100. I haven’t done it but some buy their strips on E Bay. Just check out the expiration date. The cheapest strip out there is the Relion at Walmart

I did the free meter/strips from Freestyle - they sent me a meter and 10 stips, there’s a program that says only $15 copay for strips - not sure of the details since my insurance copay is $15 anyway.-

If you’ve been without insurance for 6 months or more you may want to check out the Iowa Comprehensive Health Program -

CVS also has a program that anyone can sign up for $15 a year, there’s a list of 400 generic drugs - if you are taking any of those it’s only $11.99 for a 90 day supply. They also offer their TrueTest strips for $29.00 for 50, instead of their normal $39 for 50. Went in to a Target the other day and they were offering free diabetes prescriptions, however I just kind of assumed it was for drug prescriptions and not supplies, might be worth checking out if you have one nearby.

Good luck!

Try Freestyle, they have a free meter and you don’t pay over $15.00 for your strips. Freestyle has a free membership. I have extra strips for bayer counter USB meter , I now use OneTouch. I live in AZ.