Blood press. medication T1+22

Most diabetics sooner or later, their diabetes. May begin to impact kidneys. And blood pressure. Most doctors seem to favor ACE class medication, or ARB class, easier for kidneys. I used lisinopril 20/ diuretic HCTZ 25, about 30+ years. I now trying a Varsartan/ calcium channel blocker. Not yet sure if it works, to lower my pressure. Or side effects. I am age 77, pressure is 155/ 85, at times higher. Wish me luck, on this try. It’s trial & error sometimes.

Type one, or type Two, I hear near 1/2 people H+ and may need to address blood pressure.

God Luck Jim !! I have used both medications you mention and have never had any issue.

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Good luck with your new hypertension regime. I used Diovan, an ARB, successfully for many years. I don’t like the addition of diuretics as I’ve seen some analysis that views the reduction of fluid, including the loss of key heart-sustaining minerals, as a negative.

I’ve never used a calcium channel blocker before. Are you over-weight? I apologize if this is off-putting but I know from personal experience how potent weight loss is when trying to control blood pressure. I was able to get off of blood pressure meds once I lost about 10% of my body weight.

In any case, I wish you the best in this renewed effort.