Blood sugar drop at night?

Hi everyone,

I've been having an issue with my sugars dropping before bedtime and when I wake up. At 6am this morning I woke up randomly to 56 glucose, and the night before it barely reached 117 when I was trying to sleep. I woke up again around 9am to 83.
It's been a ritual for a while now that I have to eat more before going to bed -- my go-to's are usually 10g carb popsicles or 22g carb Nature Valley bars. But sometimes I have to eat more than one of these things just to keep my glucose up before even sleeping (usually keeping me up until 1-2am).

I'm having an issue again tonight where my sugars have dropped after two 8g carb capri suns (55 to 125, then 90, then 79). It's going up a little bit after a 27g carb croissant sandwich and 4g glucose tab, but I'm still feeling shaky (84 when I checked 5 minutes ago).

I keep a fairly low-carb diet; I've cut out a lot of breads, and I mainly eat cheese, nuts, salads, and eggs/meat. I don't eat meals as much as I just snack every few hours. It's very limiting because I'm running on 8u of Lantus per day, injected every morning. Now I'm thinking even 8u is too much..? It's really annoying having to waste my strips every 15 minutes to check that I'll be okay (those things are stupid expensive).

I'm not in a state of emergency to go to Urgent Care, but I'd like to know anyone's experience with this? I also started an anti-depressant recently, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Any input would be wonderful! <3

I suggest you quickly do a search for side affects for the anti-depressant you started. Looks like some can cause high, and others low blood sugars.

Do you take just lantus ? Or also a bolus insulin, such as humalog or novolog ? Are you also taking oral meds, or symlin, etc.?

If just lantus, and you are eating all those carbs, and still going low, then definitely reduce the lantus dose. Check with your endo as soon as possible.

I only use humalog for when my sugars are super high (1u for when it's >300, etc) -- I haven't used it in about a year. I used to take Prandin, but I don't eat enough to justify its dosage.

I guess I'll try 7u tomorrow morning... I moved away from my endo and haven't found a new one yet, but it's probably best that I call. Thank you~

(Edit: I forgot to mention that yes, I only use Lantus)

Hi -

If you are only using Lantus, you are using your basal to cover your meals which leads to the sorts of problems that you're having. My guess is that you would do better on an insulin regime like 4 units of Lantus for basal and a unit of Humalog at each meal. Eating a 22g snack before bed to stay steady means that you have quite a bit of extra insulin floating around over night.

You should try to find a new endo and CDE quickly so that you can straighten out your treatment plan and get some training on carb counting which will help you gain more control.

You're still pretty new at all of this. It gets better.


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I used to be on Lantus but found it acted irregularly for me. I had random low blood sugars in the middle of the night. Maybe one night a week I would wake sitting on my kitchen floor eating leftovers. I switched to Levemir with a split dose and found that worked better for me. I was taking 3 units at 9pm and 5 units at 7am. In small doses, Levemir takes about 4 hrs to peak, stays the same peak for about 8 hrs, then drops off over the next 4 hrs. My dinner insulin covered the shortfall in long term and the insulin would double up after in the morning. On Levemir, I stopped sleep eating. Omitting that from my life made me so much more relaxed and happier.

Regarding the meds, always do a check on a drug interaction checker like and realize there is a difference between lantus, humalog, and natural insulins when considering drug interactions. For instance, some things will lower the bg of someone who makes their own insulin, but may not lower the bg of someone who takes only artificial insulins, like me (a type 1). My endo says this is not the case, but I have found it to be true.

I checked online if there was an interaction between Welbutrin and insulin, and one article regarded there was a moderate interaction... I asked my doctor when she prescribed it to me if there were any interactions, and she didn't state there was. Who knows! I know my sugars have been better since I started it, but maybe there's a drop-off now.

Thank you for the reply. I should ask my doc about Levemir -- I think my honeymoon period is wearing off, and I need to change some things.

Thank you for the reply. Based on your comment, I just did some phone tag and I'm hoping to get checked into a new doctor here in Houston (originally from Oregon, had an endo in Georgia during school). I've been looking into insulin pumps to give myself some flexibility -- I guess it's time to take the plunge!

I guess I will call my endocrinologist in the morning as to maybe lower the amount of levamire that I am taking before bed. Below 56 is scary and I certainly don’t want it lower. My bg dropped to 39 midday yesterday

I am type 2. I take levemir and humalog I take 25 unit levemir at 10:30pm and 7 unit at 10:30am in the morning. I eate at 7:30am, 12noon and 5pm. Each time I take 9unit humalog. Within 3 to 5pm sugar droppes quickly to 5mmol and giving me hypo sense. I eat 15unit carb with little protein at 8:30pm without humalog. But two hours after near 12:30am or 1 sugar drops about point quickly. Generally from 9mmol to 7 and some days it goes to 5mmol, I feel hypo. I believe levemir is making peak. I am seriuosly suffering. How can get rid of this.

Probably could be a couple of things…

Too much Levemir at night contributing to the drop at 1am, maybe try taking a little less for a few days to see if that stops the lows. What are your morning blood sugar readings before eating?

Do you take 9u of Humalog based on the amount of carbs you eat or 9u regardless of what you eat? Does your blood sugar consistently drop low between 3-5pm or just sometimes?

I took some antibiotic and it made the sugar low or disorganised. I stopped taking antibiotic on 25th sept 2018. Still I was able to maintaine sugar level Hba1C is 7. But now from few days, sugar is dropping. My range of insuline levemir is 27+7 and humalog from 8 to 10 each time I eat except closer to bedtime. I reduced both humalog and levemir. Morning sugar reduced two times and at 5pm to 5 quickly. It is due to the action of levemir. As because I have reduced level for fear of being low humalog does not work properly. I have all the data of sugar reading.
Now what I see, just after eating sugar goes udesirable high but it dropes after 4 hour. It is hard for me to control sugar by the insulin, I do not know to use in this situation. Still I am thinking if I can keep sugar to reasonable range and straight, insulin might be set. I decided to eat a little protein every three hours. I have a scale, I eat 200 gram(50gram carb) brown rice, +any vegetable + Chicken leg
If yoy give youe e-mail address I can submit you all my sugar reader. I keeping for atleast 7 times. Amount of carb normally I do not vary, may be I add little milk some times Please help me sor rearranging insulin Thanks.

I put this link on another thread, Mystery with my basal Tresiba

I think it may help you too

Splitting the levemir/basal is often a good idea, you can do 10:30pm and breakfast, as per Bernstein. Doing a 10:30am must be a pain. You don’t have to have a 12 hr split. the rate testing will give you the doses.

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