Blood Sugar Levels!

What would you say is the ideal range for blood sugar to avoid complications? before eating supper today my blood sugar was 135 so i took a unit of novorapid, is this a good level to be around or is it too high?

Since you’re a type 1, most people would recommend a pre-meal blood sugar closer to 100. I would consider 135 good, personally, but I’d probably also take a little correction if it were me and wait to eat a couple extra minutes. Your needs may vary, of course, but a pre-meal sugar of 135 means that you will likely spike a little too high at the one hour post-meal mark. My doctors recommend the standard 140 at 1 hour after, 120 at 2 hour, etc.

There isn’t a magic number here, but there’s a lot of research showing that the closer your blood sugar levels are to normal, the lower the incidence of complications is. So I’d recommend going as tight as you can without going low all the time. I try to stay between 80 and 120, and it takes a very low carb diet to accomplish this.

okay i have another question haha, after i took a unit of novorapid an hour later my blood sugars were 160, two hours later they dropped to 79, i’m so confused haha is the goal here to keep my blood sugars under 180?