What are your average 1 hour BG levels?

Mine tend to be about 140-160 or so at 1 hour and then progressively go down. Is this too high for 1 hour? The ADA I think says 180 at 2hours which is complete nonsense.

I think if you are at 140 or lower 2 hours after meals you are doing great......

I'm a Type 2, so that's my disclaimer for you... YMMV. But I try to shoot for 140 at the PEAK glucose spike of my meal. Sometimes, that's going to vary, depending on the person and the meal. I think testing to find out what an average peak is for you, for an average meal, helps... And people with CGMs have this advantage. It might even help better bolus for meals. But... for most of my meals, I test at 75 minutes, because for me... that's when I tend to reach my meal peaks. Now... if the meal has a higher number of carbs and fat, I will test at the 2 to 2 1/2 hour mark, because that is when I reach my peak for that meal... If it was fruit, I test at 1 hour... Many times, I just use the meal itself to gauge when I'm going to test... I just always try to make that PEAK be less than 140, and that's what I go by.

If my niece is at school or running around where we can't micro-manage her blood sugars, the best we can do so she does not go low hours 3 and 4 is 180 to 200 at the 1 hour mark, then she will be 140 to 160 at the 2 hour mark, and she will not go below 70 at the 4 hour mark. She is on Apidra which has been a big improvement from Novolog. At home, by just lowering the ICR down by 1, she can be anywhere from 90 to 140 at the two hour mark, we check IOB and cover some of the insulin with carbs. I would be thrilled with blood sugars at 140 to 160 at the one hour mark. If you want it lower you can do so as long as you don't forget the two hour postprandial check and realize you will then probably have to give extra free carbs. These carbs will raise BS back up a bit. So your profile might look like my niece's last night... 94 two hours post with 3 units on board fill in with 20 grams and she was 110. BUT there are days that same carb "fill in" bring her blood sugars back up to 140. So pick your poison.