Blood sugar spiking after meals, fasting numbers slowly creeping up. What do you think?

A quick update. I'm still running and doing strength training. My fasting numbers are still averaging in the 105-116 range. I've been getting up once almost every night to use the bathroom, didn't happen before. I have noticed a few spikes after meals, or if I don't test, I will feel dizzy, get a headache, or I will get very sleepy, to the point that I will fall asleep, but unfortunately do not check my sugar number at that point (because I'm asleep). For example, I ate some popcorn and fell asleep. I know it wasn't the best choice, but I figured one or two handfuls with real butter (made at home) wouldn't be great, but not too horrible. The other day I had homemade veggie stir fry with fish and mung bean noodles (no flour or rice in the noodles). By the time I finished the dishes I could not keep my eyes open, I slept for 2 hours until my husband woke me to tell me to test my blood sugar. Three hours after the meal it was 132 and I still felt exhausted. Then two days ago I saw a spike of 204, I double checked it with another meter, 191. I had one cookie, bad I know, but I haven't had one since November. By the two hour mark it had come down, but I have never seen it that high, ever. Of course I didn't check immediately after the noodle incident. I'm going to my regular doctor next Thursday and I want to talk to her about the blood work she will do as well as these numbers and the way I've been feeling.
What should I ask her to test? Should I ask for a glucose tolerance test? The endo tested the antibodies in January, but they came back negative. I had lower fasting and pp numbers at that time. She did mention that they could show up later or not at all. Should I ask for any treatment yet, if so, what?

I am an antibody positive late onset T1D. I suffered with all the same symptoms that you speak of. Many times the "nap" came on at the end of the work day, (frowned upon when you fall asleep at your desk). I noticed the range was between 129 and 139bg or so that made me so sleepy.
I found the solution; Insulin.
I started with a very small Bolus dose, and adjusted from there.
It has made me feel so much better, I would not save Insulin as a last resort, it would be my first line of defense.
Gary Scheiner's book "Think Like a Pancreas" made starting Insulin easy, and less terrifying.
I feel so much better.

I also do not need to sleep after meals anymore.

i second parfomance┬┤s suggestion of asking for insulin. i was diagnosed t1 at age 37 and started on insulin right away. i feel AWESOME. before starting on it, i was weeks of really hungry/tired/thirsty, etc, but didnt realise how tired i really was until after i started insulin and felt NORMAL again!
good luck and i hope you feel better soon!

Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was too early to ask for insulin. I know I would fail an OGTT test and could possibly get an official diagnosis that way, but my fasting numbers are still only pre diabetic since I've been watching how I eat.
It would be great to eat without getting a headache or getting tired.
I'm afraid of the doctor telling me that I don't need insulin or that it's not as bad as I say it is since I can control it if I avoid all fruits and all grains.

Thank you for the support! It is definitely appreciated. I will ask the doctor on Thursday. Should I ask for the glucose test to make sure I get an official diagnosis?

Keep detailed food logs, along with FS numbers and exercise time and intensity logs. By limiting your food choices all the time you are prolonging the symptoms. My Endo said, "live a little" referring to occasionally you need to cheat on your diet, if you don't your bg numbers always look great and Doc thinks you are doing fine. I am 3 years and 4 months since diagnosis and still have adequate insulin production for basil needs. I do however absolutely need Bolus insulin.
Good luck Miss Jenny.
With help from the great group here on Tudiabetes and some detailed handwritten logs this journey will be come easier.

Thanks. I think I will have a little cheat meal this weekend to document the levels before and after. I just have to make sure I will be able to sleep afterwards.

Keep in mind the numbers 60-90 minutes after first bite will be the most important to the Endo, you may return to a near "normal" bg number at 2 hours and miss the large postprandial spike in the middle. You may want to catch all 4 different numbers a couple of times to show how you are doing.
Document, document, document, did I mention you should document your numbers, food intake, exercise, and pertinent "how I am feeling" info.
Hard to argue with well documented results.

So much same-same.