Blood sugars between Omnipod and insulinx

I just started to play with the Omnipod since my training date isn't for 2 weeks (pure torture)lol. anyways trying to get used to it. was able to get co pilot working phew. but I have been testing my blood sugar with the insulinx and the pdm for 2 days now and there has been huge differences in the readings. i.e. insulinx reading was 6.2 and the Omnipod pdm says 12.0
This seems like a huge 50% difference. I am now not sure which to believe in, I want to believe the pdm since I will have it for at least the next 5 years. anyone else with this problem? also I try to put in my bolus even though I do not have an activated pod on me yet and when I try downloading the amount of insulin it is not their. my bloodsugar is there and the carbs are there but no units of insulin. Could this be due to not having a pod on?
I also noticed that If I have a low it will not let me put the amount of carbs in unless there is another way around the take care of your low glucose message.

I also would like to say how great it is to have forums like this. experienced and newbies, has helped me a lot, just want to say thanks


Hi Sarah,

I'm guessing you are using the new PDM/pods. I don't have them yet so I can't really comment on the low blood sugar warning and if you can avoid it. I know on the "old" PDM, you can just select that you don't want to use BG for your bolus calculation and it will ignore it. Maybe the same is true for the new system?

I am guessing that it won't tell you the units of insulin because you have no active pod and probably have not set everything up properly yet, so I wouldn't worry about it.

In terms of the reading on the PDM for your blood sugar.... that one is a mystery to me. The only thing I've heard about on these forums quite a bit is that a lot of people think the PDM reads blood sugar numbers too low when compared to other meters, not too high. So that seems strange. I know a lot of people have had success with changing the test strip code to 17 (the actual code is 16); even though this isn't "correct" many people are happier with the readings this way. However, that applies to when the PDM is reading BG numbers lower in comparison to more "accurate" meters. I hope someone can chime in with a bit of wisdom as to why your PDM might be reading out higher than your other meter.

In any case, I hope that you enjoy the OmniPod system once you get going with it. I and many other people are very happy with it!


Thanks Mark, I am not on the new PDM I don't think, I am in Canada and mine says CAT35E and the pods they sent are the old ones. United States is ahead of us. I believe it is torture to give it to us two weeks ahead of time to play with before training day. LOL way to long a wait. playing but still taking needles. ugh. LOL
the BG meter is very strange indeed, yesterday it was reading about the same but the days before was way off. as for calibration I have had it at 16,17,18 and even 20 16 seems to fit but still much different then my insulinx which for now I will keep using since I can log my Lantus also with it. I am using the kwik strips with it although they warn you not to. not sure why but I do not have the old ones since my insulinx takes the kwik strips and that is what came in the starter kit.
I think I will enjoy it once I start actually using it and the pods. ppl are getting a lot of errors with the new pods so glad I don't have those yet. I can compare. LOL
again thanks Markeesy for your help.

Take a look at the following web site from Abbot:
It looks like they are recalling some of these devices due to extremely high readings. Sounds like the issue you are seeing.

Thanks Jim, I had read that and got a letter on upgrading the meter or sending it back. I updated it which was cool since after the update it I was able to download my readings on my mac. The PDM I cannot. sigh. so have to use VM for that. oh well. at least I have that. :-)

Hi Sarah,

I don't have the new system yet, but on the old PDM you can set the mimimum BG used for calculations. I had the same issue you are having until I changed the minimum from 70 mg/dl set by my trainer to 60 mg/dl.

Check under Settings - System setup - Bolus/basal/calcs (note that Bolus Calcs have to be ON to see anything past this screen) - Ratios/factors/targets - Min BG for calcs.

Mine is in Canadian standard, this is the old PDM I believe since I have the older pods, I don't think the new system is here in Canada till early next year.

I was supposed to be on the system now but administration and Endo does not seem to be in sync. LOL I am hoping that I will start very beginning of August now since my next appt with Endo is July 30th, so hard to wait have the pump but still taking needles, that sucks. LOL although I am closer now. lol