Omniopod questions

I am a 48 year old women that was diagmosed with Type 1 just 7 months ago so I am still learning how to manage my diabetes. I have been on the omnipod pump for about three months and my A1c is way high. My biggest concern is when testing my blood I get different numbers from the PDA on the omniopod and from the blood meter I used to use which is an accu check aviva. Right now the PDA on the omniopod says mu blood sugar is 26 and the accucheck says 112. I have no symptoms of being low. This seems to happen often. I have had the PDA replaced three times and the company has replaced my test strips many times. I have used a third meter at times which seems to fall in between these two. I am at a loss at what to do. I don’t know which mter to believe and I am tryong to manage my diabetes better. If one meter says 90 and one says 150, it is difficult to get tight control. My biggest problem is with these lows that are often, I don’t know if I should treat or not. Has anyone one else on the omnipod checked their blood sugars against another meter or had similar problems.My doctor thinks I should switch and get off this type of pump, but I dont want to go on a tubed pump. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry to hear you’re having such differences in the BG readings Lola! Yikes! That’s no good. I do not agree with your doctor about “switching pumps” though. While the integrated BG meter is convenient, it does not mean that you’d have to switch away from the pump in order to use a 3rd party BG meter and other pumping system.
There are a number of items that could be related to the differences in readings (for example if you are pulling both meter readings from one blood sample, if the meters were both at normal operating temperature–not sitting in a hot car for example, if you’d washed your hands prior to testing, etc). So I am at a loss for trying to diagnose any specific issue that it might be w/o more info about the conditions surrounding each test.
If you feel like you can’t trust the PDM’s BG meter, then my advice would be to find a meter with which you are comfortable, and just go with it. Test w/ the other meter and continue using the omnipod system for pumping (again just because you switch meters does not mean you have to switch pumping systems too).
I hope you can find a happy medium and get some better regularity with your BG/insulin management :slight_smile:

I am on the omni pod and I have never had this kind of a problem. Maybe you should try using a control test solution? Then compare those numbers. Also, if you are testing on alternate sites between the meters, this could cause a difference. Or, is the test site clean? Good luck. Let us know how you make out. I would not switch pumps, the omni pod is terriffic.