Bloody needles

Has anyone ever found blood on their syringes after taking their shots ? When I’m injecting myself with insulin using my needle I find blood on them afterwards. What does that mean? Am I pushing or taking out the needle too soon ?

Are you trying to inject into fat? You seem quite slim, so better to pinch up some fat to inject into and you will be less likely to be injecting into a venule or arteriole inside as that will cause the insulin to be in the blood so much faster and will likely make your control seem very variable. They also suggest not injecting into legs if you are going to be exercising those like walking as that will speed up the absorption into your system. Once you get used to this variation through experience, you'll know what to do. Bruises after an injection are because blood vessels have been broken through and that causes the bruise as blood seeps under the skin from the puncture.

Thank you janina for explaining this to me.

You're welcome!! Do you experience lumps developing under the skin at the point of injection? Somewhere else on this site I have explained how the body throws cholesterol over just about everything it regards as an intruder or foreign body, or to repair damage.