Bleeders! Some big, some small!

I have been interested to read that other people have bleeders! I did not know that anyone else gets them! Is there any way that I can avoid this? Some of them can be quite spectacular!

Sometimes my fingers will not stop bleeding either when testing. I do change needles and lancets every time I do a test or inject so it cannot be to do with blunt needles or lancets. I find it annoying when I soil my clothes and cannot wear light coloured clothing! I am not a male, so cannot be haemophiliac. Other times I cannot get any blood out of my fingers, try as I might!

Yes at times I get the bleeders too. I think it happens when we hit a blood vessel. What helps me is when I insert the needle if I feel pain I reposition the needle and this seems to stop the bleeders. For me when there is pain when I enter my skin I seem to get bleeders. I do know this has helped me not get bleeders. Some people bleed a little more than others and maybe your just one of those people? Good luck

I guess I’m more worried if I hit a vein (I assume its a vein, I never see spurting like I would if its an artery), and the insulin goes straight into the bloodstream instead of the subq tissues. I tend to get a bleeder about every 10 injections on my inner thighs, which is where I inject my long acting insulin. Anyone hear if this is a good thing or a bad thing to see the bleeder after the injection?

Novolog or Lantus injections in the past month I have had bleeders. this is the first time in a very long time I have had them. It makes no difference where I inject they seem to appear. I have noticed that when I enter the site, I can feel a sting. To me, that means I have hit a blood vessel. Even injecting on an angle it happens, I do not notice any resistance from scar tissue, just a clean inject through the skin. Medications have not been changed for a year and I am a chronic anemic and need all the blood I can get. If I see the blood after the injection I know I will have bruising. What the answer is, I can not get one. I have been on Insulin since 1991 and inject 4 to 6 times a day. Let me know if you find an answer.


I use 4mm needles and mostly I do not bruise. I have the odd one but nothing major. The 4mm needles have only just come to the UK and I was given a pack to try by my diabetes nurse. I find them less intrusive and not so uncomfortable. Especially when I remember to pinch the skin before injecting. But I do sometimes still bleed.

I do know what the anaemia feels like. I had it when I first went into hospital and they gave me 4 blood transfusions and I felt sooo much better, though I was still far from well. It was only at the end of an 8 week stay in hospital that they discovered I was diabetic. That answered a lot of questions!