Blue Cross Blue Shield now covering Medtronics REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System!

This is the best news I have recieved since I was told that I could get an Insulin Pump five years ago. Blue Cross Blue Shield now covering Medtronics REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System!!! Almost a year ago I had decided to get the REAL-TIme. Medtronic told me that I had to get a new pump that was compatiable with the Real-Time. So I got the new pump. What Medtronic didn't mention is that my Blue Cross Blue Sheild insurance didn't cover the Real-Time. They told me that they were waiting for the contract with BCBS to finalize. Well almost a year later, I recieved the call today. IM GETTING THE REAL-TIME!!!!!!!

first of all,congratulations,I am happy to be the first one to say that…
second,can you get us pictures of that?
by the way,what color did you order?

it should be noted that there are several different BCBS groups - in 2008, i had BCBS of Georgia, who had no problem approving my 722 and realtime sensor

I guess I’ll be bugging my BCBS group. They’ve been denying my request for longer than I care to remember. Congrats!

Congrats and wanted to add that Educators Mutual in Utah also just covered my CGM and my supply house rep said it was the first one she new of that got covered by them! Yeah for both of us :slight_smile:

I just got approved for the pump a couple of weeks ago, but not the Real Time through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Maybe I need to talk to them again and see if I can get it.

Yes, BCBS varies from state to state and plan to plan. We have BCBS HMO of Illinois, and got coverage for the CGM almost 2 years ago. Yet BCBS PPO of Illinois is still denying CGM.

Congratulations! We wouldn’t go a day without ours!

Yeah I have BCBS PPO of Georgia

BCBS of IL PPO only covers for adults 25 and over :frowning:

you know what I have one that sits in my closet that I absolutely hate. Loved it when I first got it. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Took me 6 days to decide it was one of the biggest wastes of insurance money I had ever spent. I hope I’m not sounding too critical here. It is just my opinion. You could find 100 others to disagree with me. I think yhe problem is I don’t have any body fat and it just does not function properly. The odds are anyone interested in the cgm will probably love it, but as for me a big ol no!

Does anyone have any experience with BSBC of Mississippi?

BCBS oops phone texting!

Hello, I’m new to the Insulin Pump, and yes Blue Cross took care of 85% and I did the other 15%. I only got the 722 unit for now, maybe in 6 months I’ll be ready to add the Monitoring System. My buddy is getting his 715 updated to the new real time system, and let me tell you what a difference it makes using the pump every day, and not taking sometimes 6 shots a day!

I am new to pumping, I have BCBS PPO in MA and they covered 100%. I have just started on the monitor- I’m on day 4- and I start training for pumping next week. so far i like the monitor, I find it fairly simple to use, however i’m not so happy w/ the nightime Highs i was otherwise unaware of… 8)

Nightime highs please explain? My highs at night have gone down big time, and since I’ve started using the pump and record all of my snacks at night I’m running like in the 120 range now, and that’s a good high for me. Once you start using the pump and with the monitor your highs at night will come down, don’t worry about that! Let me know if you have any problems cause sometimes it takes a small change to your hourly Basal rate to bring it down.

Hey thanks for the reply! yeah since i am still on MDI’s and only using the CGM, for another week or 2, i am discovering far more overnight high BS’s than i thought… the monitor is waking me up (last 3 nights) and I am beginning to correct now w/ my Lantus, prior to bed. Hopefully tonight i get a full nights sleep! 8)

I’ve used the MM CGM and was lucky enough to send it back within their 30-day period and switched to the Dexcom 7+. If your insurance allows it, check out the Dexcom 7+ and see the difference!