Good news for BCBS of Michigan!

I was curious on whether or not my insurance company will cover the costs so I decided to send Dexcom an email asking whats going on with BCBS of michigan and a few minutes later I got this email...

Ok I can’t see the message I pasted, but it might be my settings here at work, can anyone else read the email?

I can’t read it :frowning:

Basically she informed me that BCBS of Michigan has approved the use of CGMs and will start approving them next month once it is in their system. She didnt have the information on how much they cover but they will cover them now, so no more declined claims or appeals!!!


I know! I’ve been waiting for this all this time. She sent me the form to fill out and next month we will start the process :slight_smile:

OMG!! I’m in Michigan with the same insurance!! I’ve been trying for a year to get my Navigator covered. You give me hope! Give me details please! I"m soooo excited about this.

I emailed a rep from Dexcom and she said starting sometime next month, right now they are busy putting all the details in their systems. I was given the go ahead to file the paper work out now and when dexcom gets word from BCBS MICH then they will file my request


So about a year ago I submitted my info for the Nav, which was denied by my insurance, no big deal. The rep there called me today to inform me that my insurance has changed and will now cover the cgm. Thats great, but Ive been leaning more to the dexcom. So I emailed the rep from dexcom back (who is amazing when it comes to customer service) and she confirmed that the insurance changed and we can now file my claim.

Im just waiting to hear back how much will be covered…

They did the same for my Nav. I gave permission for Abbott to pursue it, and I got news today from the company that provides the sensors…and it’s not covered yet:( I’ll try again next month I guess. Maybe the claims department didn’t get the memo…LOL!

I spoke to J & B Medical yesterday - they process claims for diabetes supplies for Blue Care Network - not sure about the other BCBS plans. Anyway, they said coverage begain last week Thursday. They began approving last week, but billings for co-pay have not yet begun as they have not yet figured out what the charges will be.



Just got off the phone with Dexcom. I’ve already met my deductible for the year so start up costs including sensors is just under $260 and its $50 a month after that!!!

awesome!! I’m going to give it another shot!

The costs is after I met my $500 deductible and them covering 80%

Righto…I’m sure I’ve met my deductible this year also. I’m calling today! You give me hope that I can fight and get this covered!

I still need to send in 30 days of logs for the insurance to look over to see if I “need” it, but if I “need” it, thats how much it will cost.