Any diabetic bocybuilders out there? I’ve been diabetic for 50 years and bodybuilding for over thirty. I still compete and won the over forty masters compititiion last year.

Excellent, I am not bodybuilding but about 8 weeks ago I started getting back into weight training and powerlifting. I am Type II and I am still trying to figure out what and when to eat for powerlifting…Any suggestions

Depends, are you on insulin? Do you ever suffer lows? When do you workout in relation to meals. Everyone is different s try different scenarios and keep a record of what works best for you.

I take novolog and lantus…I seem to work best on a High proetein and low carb…diest all the time not just working out…Question: Do you use supplements…? I do use Amino Burst 3000 and protein powders and they seem to have no affect on my BS…

No supplements, just vitamines and eat three good balanced meals a day. I tend to eat more protein than most unknowing doctors would specify, but it’s needed for muscle growth. Most of the powders and magic ingrediants are just a waste of money, but the low calorie/fat protein bars are a good snack.

I’m not really a bodybuilder, but I’m doing weight lifting at school.