Supplements, protein and eating schedule

Whether this will make me look like a tool and a muscle head to the majority of the people reading this, I have no idea. However, I think it is important for all of us to share our diets so we can learn from each other and also help the novice lifters learn the proper way to eat.


26 yo, 6'4, 225 lbs. Diabetic since May 17, 2010 (7 months). MDI therapy with humalog in a half unit pen and lantus. Severe egg allergy and lactose intolerance. Being tested for celiac disease in the next month or so. I almost exclusively use Optimum Nutrition, NOW, Higher Power and Spring Valley supplements

Eating Schedule for Mass Gaining Phase (currently on)

0630-0700 - Breakfast 1

Measure BG. 0.5 unit humalog

Whey protein (40 g), branch-chained amino acids (5 g), l-carnatine (3g)

0730 - Breakfast 2

3.5 units humalog, 15 units lantus, 70 g carbs

3/4 cup (uncooked) regular oatmeal, 1 cup lactose free milk, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 8 oz light yogurt, coffee x 4 cups

Multivitamin, fiber, fish oil, acidophilus, vitamin-c, CLA, Vitamin-D, Calcium Citrate, potassium, creatine ethyl-ester 0.25 tsp

1100 - Pre-workout meal

Measure BG, 2 units humalog - 30 g carbs

2 pieces whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp peanut butter, L-Arginine (3g), L-glutamine (3g), coffee, potassium

1200 - Workout

15 g carbs during intial part of workout

G2 - 1 - 20 oz bottle or 6 oz regular gatorade

1330 - Post-workout meal

3 units humalog - 30 g carbs

1 pack Smuckers gummy snacks, Fiber-1 bar, 40 g whey protein, 40 g casein protein, 5 g BCAA, 3 g l-carnatine, creatine ethyl ester 0.5 tsp, potassium

1530-1600 - Lunch

Measure BG, 0-1 unit insulin

Leftovers with a mixed greens salad, carrots, celery, cheese and cottage cheese. Try to keep below 30 g carbs and high protein.

1730-1800 - Snack 1

Handful of nuts or a couple slices of cheese or cottage cheese. Very limited to no carbs.

1800-1900 - Dinner

Measure BG - 3-4 units humalog

Moderately high carb with protein. Around a total of 70 g carbs with 30-50 g protein. Lean meat and ONLY complex carbs this late at night.

Multivitamin, Vitamin-D, Calcium Citrate

2100 - Snack 2

Cottage Cheese



Measure BG, 15 units lantus, 1 unit humalog

1 cup lactose free milk, 40 g casein protein, 10 g whey protein, 2.5 BCAA

Multivitamin, fiber, fish oil, acidophilus, vitamin-c, CLA, potassium

The picture is from before I was diabetic and has supplements that I don’t take anymore in it.

Although I’m not a powerlifter by any means, I do weight lift about 3-4 times a week. Looking at another diabetic’s eating schedule is interesting to see with the types of meals you eat & your boluses. I’m a pumper so I would be more interested to see if your carb: insulin ratios change for pre & post work-outs or if you change your lantus dose for a more intense workout day.

I’ve been getting back into weight training/exercise more frequently lately & noticed when I focus my weight days on legs (hour long & 10-failure reps) my sugars are significantly lower the following 12 hours. Maybe it’s just me & my strange D or does this happen to anyone else? I’ve tried a strict weight lifting meal schedule before involving lots of egg whites, whey, supplements & protein but it’s hard when your friends don’t share the same eating plans… I’m glad someone finally made a group focusing on weight lifting ~even if it is for you big muscularly body-builders :slight_smile:

Hey, I missed your post in this discussion somehow. I don’t change my lantus or my ratios at all. If fact I pretty much cause my LOH by taking extra insulin after my workouts. I do this because insulin is a bona fide growth factor. I have about .75 active units left at the end of my workout, but take the full 3 units to cover the postworkout meal.

This isn’t for just big d00ds, but for people who are serious about weightlifting and weight training.

After working out like that your sugars will be lower because you are increasing your basal metabolic rate (increasing your metabolism). So by doing that you’re going to use more of your serum glucose because your body is ticking a higher rate. This is why they tell you to go do some cardio in the morning right after you get up so that you can start rev up your metabolism right from the get-go.

Don’t worry about your diet with others. I know how that goes. I’ve always had a severe egg allergy, so I’ve never been able to eat what everyone else is eating. Just like with T1DM eating habits, we always look weird asking about carbs and everything else. Having to have a T1DM diet is actually beneficial for workout diets, because instead of saying that you’re on a diet, just say that you’re trying to really control your T1 and you don’t want to eat that. That’s what I’ve always done with the egg allergy and now with T1DM it’s even better.

If you have goals and you know what you need to do to get there, just do it!

So I’ve recently got back on track with my diet & exercise. I’m weight-lifting about 3 x a week with cardio 3-4 as well. I’m finally losing weight & it is pretty exciting. I was just wondering for when/if I hit a plateau, if there are any weight loss supplements safe for T1 Diabetics or if they’re even worth the money. I’ve been taking a multivitamin, fish oil, CLA, protein shakes (after lifting) & my 2lb tub of casein protein is on its’ way to my house (did I mention there’s 2 lbs of cottage cheese in my fridge at the moment). I’m sensitive to caffeine/stimulants & was trying to research non-stimulant fat-loss supplements & their effects on diabetes… talk about lack of information in the bodybuilding/fitness world!

I’d rather just lose weight the natural way, but I’ve been known to hit plateau’s pretty hard once I hit the 140lb range. I was just wondering if anyone has opinions on supplements, carb cycling or any other means. I’m seeing results on a daily basis now & it gets me excited… I’m just concerned when I might hit the wall… Any suggestions/comments are appreciated! :slight_smile:

yeah there is just about nothing about there. stay away from anything like NOXplode, that doubled my blood sugar within 30 minutes of taking it.

I don’t carb cycle. I don’t think that does much other than make your body start to hold onto it tighter because it doesn’t know what’s coming. Eat only complex carbs like whole grain bread, oatmeal, ect and try to completely get rid of white flour and simple carbs unless needed for a correction. I eat essentially the same thing every day when it’s possible. Like now when I’m out of town my body is all sorts of screwed up.

The biggest thing with hitting a wall isn’t necessarily about diet or how hard you’re working. One thing to do is to completely change your workout to new excercises and change the number of reps to shock your body out of its comfort zone. I did that, changed up my workouts for 4-5 weeks and when I went back to the original one I had added 40 lbs to my decline bench (went from 275 to 315 for 4 reps).

Don’t get discouraged, we all hit the wall from time to time and we all plateau. It’s just how hard you fight through those times that make the overall goal that much sweeter.

Thanks for your quick reply. I think it took a little bit of time for me to totally transition to eating healthier as I now realize how many crappy carbs I was eating just less than a month ago. I slowly went from eating 60 carbs at meals to 45 and now I try to stay between 15-30 for my 6 meals/day.

For my indulgences before cardio days, I eat this yummy, nutty oat bread~ only 1 slice at 20 carbs. At lunch, I try to eat 15 carbs of whole grain brown rice or a sliver of a sweet potato with a massive salad (thank god 15 ounces of lettuce is only 15 carbs). Then dinner I just try to eat lean meat & low carb veggies. All snacks are under 15 carbs :slight_smile: My poor room-mates can barely find their beers in the back of the fridge past all my fresh produce!

I’m much more concise in treating my lows as 1 carb raises my sugar 4 mg/dl & use only glucose tabs. I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks & found out my BF% is only 23.4%~ way better than I thought as my Endo always calls me overweight due to her stupid BMI graph. The bodybuilding website has really helped me with finding new training ideas, as it’s almost information overload… but I’m loving it so far! :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

No problem at all. Good work! Don’t get into a rut with your diet either. Keep experimenting with new foods, it’s amazing what you can good and have it be really healthy.

Great job finding something to reward yourself with that isn’t pure sugar and is a good complex carb choice. That’s really a challenge for some people. Great work on that one!