Bolus wizard- undertreatment

I wonder if anyone else ever has their bolus wizard suggest a bolus that is less than expected. All my settings are correct (sensitivity, ratio, etc). Here is an example of the kind of thing happening lately, last few weeks. Let’s say my BG is 160 and I have no active insulin on board. I should get a recommendation of 2 units for my ratio of 1 unit per 30 mg BG to get to my target of 100. Yet, the wizard will recommend something like .9 units. And the active insulin is showing 0 which is correct.
My pump is a 715 and is 5 years and 6 months old. I have had no other problems with it.
I do plan to get a new pump within the next couple months. I have had to wait for a required class appointment (soon now) though this will be my 3rd pump. But in the meantime, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. My pump wizard in the past has always come up with the correct insulin recommendation.
Of course, I can and do increase the amount that I bolus when it is “off.”

seriously, when I do the wizard I simply trust it, but if you are doing the math and getting wrong numbers, I would call Medtronic, pronto!! They are fabulous… and since you are out of warranty they will be able to set you up with a new pump for a lower rate or perhaps your insurance covers it fully… I have the 723 from the 722 and I love it…I also have a cgms and it is always wacky, but, I wear it so that I am covered… good luck!!!

Nell, I didn’t think the 715 could let you know how much active insulin you have on board. I have a 723 and it does take that into consideration, especially if I’m high after a meal. It could be a malfunction and you are smart to bolus according to your math formula. My endo gets exasperated with the term “Wizard” and says, “You are the wizard; use your mind and calculate!!” (He also prefers pencil and paper glucose/carb charts!). Good luck. I know you’re anxious to get the newer insulin pump.

I know how to do the math but after 6 years not using the wizard I started and found it to be more efficient. I feel like time savers can be useful. I double check it from time to time which is how I found the problem. I always ‘eyeball’ the figure for accuracy. I really, really like it.
And the 715 does show IOB, active insulin on board. It only can be found by using the bolus wizard and when you get to the screen with the recommended bolus, you scroll down near the bottom and the active insulin is listed there. It was a few years before I found it!
I do look forward to a new pump. Trying to make the decision between staying with MM vs animus. I will probably stay with MM but am looking at the other one on the 14th.

I want a cgm too, and that is another decision! Oh well, isn’t it interesting to have a chronic disease that requires you to have a PhD in supplies and treatments and daily management problem solving? It is an amazing disease, but not in a good way.
Thanks to both of you, Jennifer and Margaret.

My endocrinologist chews me out if I override the wizard, especially if I wind up with hypoglycemia. It is better to upload your pump readings and run them by your doctor so he/she can tell you what adjustments to make. Overriding the wizard can be very dangerous even if the numbers seem strange.

I don’t think the wizard knows more than I do about my BG. I am the one in charge, not the bolus wizard. My endo would ask, ‘what was your BG and what was your active insulin?’ He gives me credit for using common sense and knowledge in combination!
I appreciate your concern, David. Your advice would certainly apply to some persons, but not to all of us.

What these events are telling me is to be sure to verify the recommendation before acting. I have never over-insulinized myself on the basis of a wizard number. The evidence is that I have never had hypoglycemia after or due to a BW bolus. It usually is just right. When it is not, I need to pay attention. Now, I have had hypoglycemia due to my own miscalculation about food and its insulin requirements. Quite a few times, in fact!
But to me, the BW is a guide, not an order. At least in my opinion. Thanks again.