How often do you over ride your bolus suggestion set on your pump?

I do it several times a day.

Carb to insulin ratio

Correction bolus.

I just feel sometimes I know better than the pump settings I have set up.

Every day is different and it is not an exact science :)

I turned off the bolus calculator and enter units directly.

It took me years to even use the bolus wizard because I did not think it would work right. I finally tried it at my endo’s request and lo and behold, it worked well. Sometimes I think it isn’t right but if I let it go, amazingly, most of the time it proves to be correct. that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally add to the bolus if I really am sure I need more. I never think I need less! It is so much easier than calculating first. I have the 715, not the fancier newer ones.

The only time I really do this is when it suggests a correction bolus with IOB that is not working any more. Otherwise, its pretty damn accurate. of course, old habits die hard, and 12 years of mentally calculating things isnt going anywhere soon, but its nice to know that I can keep things in the ballpark with the pumps software

At least once a day. I’m waiting for a wizard feature that will let you enter the fat grams in calculation. It doesn’t take a food very high in fat for me to know I’m going to crank up the dose.

I guess we are all different but I have always just used the carb gms and never accounted for proteins or fats. The carb calc always brings my BG down to the target 100 if I follow it closely. That is, if I don’t eat anything else and am not physically active which can bring it below 100 if I did not account for it in the bolus. I am going to ask my endo about this in late April when I see him. Because I see where a number of folks do seem to count on the BG effects of protein and fat. But, I am not going to monkey around with what works for me. Just curious.