Bone density and type 1

hello :smiley: I am a type 1 female, have had diabetes for 16 years, diagnosed when i was 11, and was recently diagnosed with bilateral stress fractures in both heels. I just moved back to NY, and have been doing more walking, but not that much more. I am always moving, on my feet at my job. has anyone ever experienced fragile bones? could this be diabetes related? pretty freaked out here…

You do not say how old you are but the fractures could be to do with your age - bone density can lessen during menopause or later - I am about to be checked again. Perhaps you need to ask for a bone density check if you have not already had one!

Or you simply have been walking too hard on your feet! Think about it, your feet are small compared to the rest of your body yet they are hammered every day of your life! It is no wonder that you get pains in them, or even fractures!

Do you have “brittle bones” or Osteoporosis in your Family? Men and Women can both be dxd. with it. Since you are only 27, and have only had Diabetes for 16 years, I am surprised that you have the fractures. I don’t think that they can be blamed on just standing for long hours or Diabetes, that soon. People who run a lot like in marathons may get fractures. Not sure. There may be something else causing the brittle bones. Of course, we are all different Diabetes wise too. Have you been taking any steroids for treatments? Drinking pop and other sweet drinks rots Peoples teeth and gains them weight, so it may make the bones unhappy also, if you drink these.

I have Osteoporosis in my Family. Some close Members have it. I have been a Type 1 for almost 50 years. I went for the bone density tests in the Fall and they came back normal. Except my Dr. did notice that I have minor Osteopenia on my left hip. But i’m on Pred. a long time. I was always athletic in my younger years and loved dairy products and got my Vit. D.

I believe a Female has up until about age 30 to strengthen and build bone density as much as possible, then it starts dropping after that time. You still have time to build it.Calcium(dairy products mainly), Vit. D,(food, sun, vits.) exercising, lifting heavier objects(or weight lifting) are important.

Having diabetes is strongly associated with low levels of Vitamin D. Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to problems absorbing and using calcium. And this can lead to Osteoporosis. You can get a scan (densitometry or DEXA) to measure the strength of your bones. This will confirm whether your bones have become vulnerable.

I take 10,000 IUs of vitamin D to keep my levels up. I also get lots of protein (thought to increase your bone density). I do weight bearing exercises to build up my bones. There are also medications you can take to help increase your bone density.