Healing after a bone fracture

So I fractured my big toe 5 weeks ago. I know it is going to take time to heal…but do you guys think it will take even longer given that I’m diabetic?? have been diagnosed for 2 years and am pretty well controlled. This is driving me crazy! I had to cancel the Zumba classes that I teach and basically stop all cardio…ugh!! Just needed to get your thoughts.

I have broken many bones over the years…toes, ribs, hip, wrists, knee. I always healed pretty close to schedule and I have way, way, way more years of diabetes under my belt than you do. Decades!!

Have your bone density checked and see what that looks like. That might be more of a factor in bone healing than diabetes.

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I have fractured several bones in my life, all of them after being diagnosed as T1. Most of the fractures have healed well and by the time my Dr. thought they would. I have fractured both of my wrists in different industrial accidents, in addition to my back and shoulder during a seizure suffered during a low blood sugar in the middle of the night. One wrist healed very well, the other has a 10% disability. My back and shoulder still hurt after decades but overall I do well as long as I stay active, mostly walking. I also fractured a big toe once, which was probably the most painful of all of these but it healed in about 6 weeks and has done fine since. Sorry if my response here is lengthy, but my experience is that my diabetes has not affected my healing length, maybe because I have been in good control for about the last 20 years.

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I am T1 and have always healed very quickly. Except, I had toe surgery in December 2017 and it has dragged on since then. Three and one half months and still not healed. Grrr.

In my case it may be because of RA, but who knows?