Book Recommendation - My Beloved World

The memoir of Justice Sotomayor. It's amazing! She is a Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed at age 7 (She's in her 50s now). The book doesn't have a lot about her D, just her original experience of diagnosis and how she lived her life for a long time assuming, as she'd been told she wouldn't live past 40. As, I'm sure many of you diagnosed awhile back were told. But it is very much worth reading. She is an amazing woman who has transcended many obstacles from Type 1 to being Latina and poor. But it is the grace and heart with which she overcomes obstacles that I found amazing. She is definitely my choice for the first woman president (sorry, Hilary), though my guess is she will remain on the Supreme Court. Anyway, wonderful book about an awesome woman, who just happens to be one of us!

Oooh....I'm so glad she is writing about it!!! Thanks for the heads' up...Onto my Nook now!.....xx000

I like the book although I thought her discussion of diabetes was peripheral. What was amazing is that she became such a success while her brother struggled. Nature? Nurture? Or Neither?

I've already forgotten the family dynamics, Brian, but imho it's always a combination of nature and nurture.I believe her brother had some struggles earlier but did become a doctor! It is also common for siblings in families to be assigned "roles"; the more dysfunctional the family, the more disparite the roles. One can be pushed to be the "hero" and be successful, while the other is only given recognition for being the troublemaker or the "scapegoat".