BP, not even I would believe it

this post is about Hi blood pressure and the natural alternatives to treating it

Im 35 and being diabetic for over 20 years have always had hi blood pressure
this is only exacerbated by the fact that its hereditary in my family and I’m Scottish (apparently we are genetically predisposed to hypertension)

My whole life its been up about 140/90 - 160/100

the problem I have with western medicine is it always treats the symptoms and never the underlying cause

Heres a case of what usually happens in non Diabetics

a patient gains weight and gains higher blood pressure for which the doc prescribes a statin or diuretic and lower salt
the patient returns with lower BP but now with a slight elevation in cholesterol and is put on a low fat diet
the patient returns no lighter with little change in cholesterol, but now his triglycerides and sugars have risen too
all these disorders are related through a single disturbance, excess insulin, which is now being aggravated by the treatment

I was resistant to going on BP meds as its the start of a long road that doesn’t really fix the problem

I read lots of info on the internet about lowering hypertension naturally, and although skeptic i started taking the following
cayenne pepper,turmeric, ginger, and raw garlic, Killed the coffee and now drink green and chamomile teas, also upped my water intake

my diet has always been pretty good (low carbs) so minimal changes needed there
always been active but with recent onset of Neuropathy cant train half as much as i used to

I have been taking the above for now 4 weeks and my BP has dropped to an average of 130/85
and my triglycerides have dropped 18% since last check 13 months ago

Just that simple change or addition

anyone having difficulty managing their BP should seriously consider looking at natural alternatives, works for me
all of these above are used to control or manage the bodies BP at a core level

check out some of the alternatives below

hope this helps someone out :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton, very interesting. I’ve been on BP meds for 10 years, hypertension runs on my fathers side however no D. On my mothers side my grandfather is the only other person in my family diagnosed with D. Are you suggesting that BP meds may contribute to D onset. Just curious, as my brother and father who have high BP and are not dx w/D do not take BP meds. I did as I was convinced that they are completely safe and have been in use for years.

Hi Scott

it would be reckless for me to Imply that

I got that Patient quote from a book called “Protein Power” by Dr Michael R Eades, in a chapter called Excess insulin
Fascinating stuff as to how Insulin and its counterpart Glucagon regulate more than just Glucose in the body

Its my understanding that BP meds are safe,but don’t really treat the underlying problem

for instance if you are symptomatic of atherosclerosis/hardening of the arteries or Symptomatic of PVD which i am, no amount of BP meds will sort that out?
but after taking Garlic and Cayenne over a period of years can and do elasticize the arteries
been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, or so my ex Asian GF told me

my mother has been on a concoction of BP meds for years and its always the same story
you go they test, give you a dose, you go back they up the dose until your on the max allowed
then they put you on two meds etc etc you go back etc etc

Heard this story many times and thought, No not me

I just came back from a 40 minute Cycle, had a quick shower and Just checked MY BP

127/78, Guess for me its working

I don’t have all the answers but is worth keeping an open mind :slight_smile:

Great job and thanks for the info. I’ll be checking it out.

Yeah, I use those spices regularly in my cooking, but I also eat a lot of food with potassium in it… My BP went from 130/80s to about 100-115/65 mmHg. You should never test right after showering or exercising, cus it will always be off of what normal results would be. Exercise raises it a lot, and hot showering makes it drop a lot.

I have inherited low blood pressure and stay 100/64 or in that vicinity. I guess all that Italian cooking with garlic has paid off! I don’t use the other spices but its nice to know things to try. Whatever works for you is what you should do! They did start me on diuretic because of neuropathy + swelling = problems and they do help keep my feet/ankles real. Haven’t noticed any problems or side effects because of the diuretics.

I also don’t let them test with those auto cuffs – they always measure me high and I refuse to be medicated based on false high numbers. I go to several offices. One month I went to the endo = 100/60, the gyn = 100/64 and the gp = 120/85. Guess who was using an auto cuff. She started talking about adjusting meds and I said no, unless you take my pressure via nurse and a regular cuff. They did and we didn’t change the meds. Enough said!

Good Luck! Keep us what works! Thanks for sharing information