Break time?

I love the pod, but am noticing track marks. I tend to scar easily, so I'm thinking about giving it up for awhile. Right now I don't have an Endo because my insurance and my old Dr.s office can't agree on prices. So, how would I figure out my basal?

If you take a break from the Pod, what would you use? If you go back to MDI, you will not have to worry about basal rates. You need a medical professional who can look at your data and figure basal rates for you, not any of us here on the site.

On another note, I, too, sometimes "burn" or scar easily from adhesives. I have learned that I need to have at least five to six different sites that I can use for the Pods, and I rotate the sites each time I change to a new Pod. That helps tremendously with avoiding track marks. I also have learned that some areas are just too sensitive for the Pods, so I have eliminated those places. The Pod is great because you can wear it in SO many different areas. Maybe you just need to rotate to new sites to find what works the best for you.

Check your total daily basal on the pump - typically with the pen you will need 20-30 % more. Consider just doing exactly the same amount, and go up gradually every 2-3 days until you get good fasting with no overnight lows.
Good luck

I assumed that when you said basal, you meant Lantus or Levemir.

Gary Scheiner has written about this in his book, "Think Like a Pancreas" and has a Website with basal testing:

Here is an additional link to an article which is more specific for basal testing:

Hopefully this information will help you make the change and on Gary's site he offers consulting services, so he might be able to help you directly. He's done a lot of work/videos here on tudiabetes and they can be found in the Media > Video section.

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What is the point of basal testing when she is going from the pump to injections?

That approach works for me too; I'm 14IU/day on Omnipod, when I swap to MDI (Lantus) I take 16IU/day as 8 when I get up plus 8 before I go to bed (typically at least 12 hours later).

The Lantus dose is too low; it's safe, but if I needed to do it for more than a few days I'd adjust it back up. Before I used the Omnipod I was using 20IU Lantus a day; this is more than my average basal requirement, but it deals to some extent with the fact that Lantus effectiveness peaks then drops off after the injection.

Most of us on insulin would use a long-acting insulin, such as Lantus, as a basal with MDI. The links Tapestry provided include MDI.


There are some great pieces of advice here. I agree with Tapestry that Think Like a Pancreas is a great tool. It can turn you in to your own personal insulin dosage......determiner.

Doctors are great, and should be seen as regularly as one can manage. Having said that, I had to educate myself on what to do in the ever-changing world of my diabetes.