Breakfast for the pregnant type 1?

I’ve got a call into my Endo, but I wanted some advice from those of you who are pregnant. What do you eat for breakfast? My post-breakfast numbers are my highest numbers of the day. Even with correction bolus’s they don’t want to budge. I’m not eatting a lot of carbs for breakfast. 40-50grams at the most. And almost all of this is high fiber stuff. I get concerned because I’m only 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I need to eat something. I don’t know if I should increase my carb/insulin ratio or if I should work on my basal first.
Any insights would be appreciated.

I’m not pregnant but trying to get HbA1C down.

I have a much higher ratio for breakfast but I still couldn’t get sugars down so I now avoid breakfast or have no more than 12g. (1 X brown toast!) I used to have fruit but even though its the same amount of carbs in, say an apple, I would rise much faster and higher so have more protein and fat to slow the absorbtion.

Good luck

When I was pregnant, I avoided fruit at breakfast and increased my basal rates to cover in the morning. It seemed to help. You’re not far along enough to be having the hormones fighting the insulin.

My kiddos are 5, 8 and 11. Type 1 pregnancies are challenging, but so worth it. Relax and do your best. Keep in mind occasional highs are not a big problem, its having high blood sugars for long periods of time.

Good luck!

Thanks for the hints. Eatting more protien has helped. My Dr increased my insulin to carb ratio for breakfast which has made the post-breakfast curve much smoother.

i’m also not pregnant, but trying to get my ha1c down as well and have the same problem in the mornings with breakfast. i’ve tried all kinds of breads, and they all make my bg rise and stay too high before finally coming down. what’s been working well for me is a cup of low fat plain yogurt with a small (tiny) apple chopped up inside. it sounds like fruit hasn’t worked well for others, but it might be worth a try for one morning, or just plain l/f yogurt without the fruit?