British man has reportedly been told he is months away from becoming the first person to reverse T1D


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The article doesn’t provide much detail. It makes it sound like maybe it’s a newly discovered form of monogenic diabetes. I wonder if he ever tested positive for antibodies? To me, that would be needed before claiming someone reversed Type 1 diabetes. Just because someone uses insulin doesn’t mean they have Type 1.

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This article may shed some light on that count. I saw this awhile ago and had it bookmarked.

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Thanks! That’s definitely very interesting. Hopefully they’re writing it up as a case study that clearly explains what might be going on.

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There are peculiar results with individual patients all the time. I’ve seen a patient who, during an ordinary brain surgery, suddenly experienced an expansion of the brain that started pushing it out of the skull all over the place, which shouldn’t happen… Then there are the patients with terminal pancreatic cancer who should certainly be dead in a few months and somehow they are still alive and apparently well a decade later. There are also men who can nurse with real milk flowing from their breasts. And on and on. In short, medicine is overflowing with odd cases, and this fellow is probably just one of them, I. e., an anecdote proving nothing.

Oh boy, I can’t wait till all my relatives get ahold of this article. This guy stopped taking his shots and reversed his diabetes after just 8 years. And here I am, 36 years in, taking my insulin every day, just like any other total slacker not even trying to cure their own diabetes. Even though every infomercial and magazine at the grocery store tells me how to reverse my diabetes. Such a slacker.


We have only ourselves to blame. Clearly we just aren’t trying hard enough.


Apparently they’ve connected it to a genetic anomaly that has allowed him to restart his betas. Lucky guy! I can’t find where there is any further study going on to determine what the actual mechanism is and turn it into a therapy. Guess we’re stuck with insulin for now.

And cinnamon!

I’d be upset that all the insulin, sets, reservoirs, alcohol swabs, Unisolve, Betadine swabs,pumps, Dexcom sensors, pump cases, Skin Tac, Skin Prep, IV Prep, Mastisol, IV3000s, meters galore, lancet devices, lancets, and other assorted paraphernalia would suddenly be obsolete. We can’t have that!!

…But wait–somehow I don’t believe the cure is here yet…

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On the upside, think of the countless people who work making all that stuff. We’re the job creators!


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Think of all the people who make countless profits off of those things: that’s the reason there never will be a cure, as long as the discovery of cures is primarily left up to capitalist interests.

I find it *interesting that they don’t speak about his diet. So maybe he exercises, eats low carb, and was actually Lada–or still producing. This article screams fake news because it’s so underreported. IMHO.

this is what I hate about reports like this… they never undergo full medical scrutiny before it is reported. they lack proper proper scientific pier review from notable agencies not to mention it doesn’t surprise me it is somebody that is Caucasian that is being cured. It is a know fact diabetes affects different population in different ways but in this day and age I am being asked to accept there maybe a cure for a Caucasian male as justification that this treatment system will be able to cure everybody… BOLLOCKS!!! When it works on some of the inuit and indian populations in north american I might be settley surprised.