Brittany Murphy

Died of heart attack at 32. She was a type 2 diabetic. That might explain the weight loss.

Very sad and shocking. I hope she was not a misdiagnosed T1 (LADA type) that went into DKA.

Just to clear up a few points:

She didn’t die of a heart attack - she was in cardiac arrest when she was found (this only means that her heart had stopped or was beating erratically).

As for her being a type 2 diabetic, the only information that’s been released is that her mother said she had “a history of diabetes.” How do you know that she was a type 2?

FWIW, I’d be willing to bet that she was a type 1 in DKA. Either way, it’s very sad.

Some more details here:

“Apparently Brittany Murphy was not in perfect health. TMZ reports that Brittany Murphy’s mom “told paramedics her daughter had a history of diabetes.” While there is no proof of Brittany Murphy having diabetes, we can only assume that the information her mother has provided is correct.”

How does one have “a history of diabetes” without actually having diabetes?

well that sucks. dumb question - what is DKA?

DKA = Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Not sure how credible this news source is, but this is what I found this morning:

“history of diabetes” as if she had it at one time and no longer? I hope she wasn’t a type 1 misdiagnosed. Although it would bring much more light onto people living with the disease.

that is very sad indeed. :frowning:

I rarely engage in speculation about people in the media, and don’t even know who Brittany Murphy was, though it is certainly sad when anyone that young dies, but the news is saying she had “flu like symptoms” for a few days prior to her death, and there is some mention (though no confirmation) of her being diabetic. If she was in fact an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed LADA and had gone into DKA that would certainly call attention to this diagnostic problem that so many of us have suffered with. I agree that “a history of diabetes” is an odd phrase; almost sounds like a euphemism for someone in denial about their condition. Again, not crediting the media for much, but I heard some rumblings about possible eating disorder. I wonder if diabulimia was a part of the picture? Like the saying goes, “more will be revealed”.

I was an undiagnosed who went into DKA and had a heart attack. The weeks before that I had lost 30lbs. I was 35.

I was lucky that I got to the hospital.


I thought I had the flu (vomiting, exhaustion) when I was DKA. I was fortunate like Chuck to get to the hospital in time.

Tragic if Brittany’s death could have been prevented.

the way they describe her symptoms like vomiting and “trouble breathing” makes it seem like she was ketotic with un-diagnosed type one diabetes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the cause; poor girl she was very talented :frowning:

Funny, when I read some of the stories. I had the same thoughts, guess it’s a case of been there done that.

I wish people and People Magazine would not jump to conclusions so quickly about her abusing drugs or starving herself to be thinner.

Agree. They love the sensationalistic that can be used as a lesson to others. They glorify being skinny & then moralize at the same time.

It is highly unlikely that Brittany Murphy had Type 2 diabetes! More likely that she was misdiagnosed, and actually had Type 1 diabetes (as many of you here have speculated). Then we’ll get all the people coming out of the woodwork saying “being thin doesn’t mean you are immune from getting Type 2 diabetes.” I say, get the correct tests done (antibody and c-peptide) and be in a position to actually KNOW what disease you have.

How very sad for this young woman… I hope the truth comes out soon as to what really happened.
God Bless,

I had an infection in my toe, the told me I was diabetic and in DKA…I was shocked big time! I also am a type 2, so it does happen to type 2 diabetics…now it’s under control with a A1C of 5.4. This girl I think was in DKA, she wanted to be skinny so no insulin and denial of diabetes…poor girl, this is so sad.