Broncos Quarterback Joins Roster of Athletes With Diabetes

a article from the today’s NY Times

Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, news that will likely raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by athletes with the disease.

Jay Cutler (Ed Andrieski/Associated Press)

Type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed in children but can emerge well into adulthood. Mr. Cutler is 25. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s immune system destroys cells that make the hormone insulin. People with Type 1 disease must monitor their blood sugar and food intake and take insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes, the more common form of the disease, typically develops later in life and often can be controlled by dietary changes alone.

Although exercise often is prescribed as a way to manage Type 2 diabetes, athletes with Type 1 face special challenges. In people with Type 1, exercise can cause blood-sugar levels to drop precipitously. Therefore, exercise, food intake and insulin injections must be carefully monitored and balanced.

New technology has made it easier for athletes with diabetes to stay on the field without having to think constantly about the disease. Continuous glucose monitors can track blood sugar and sound alarms if it goes outside of safe ranges. Wireless insulin pumps can deliver insulin as needed without a tangle of tubes and wires.

Mr. Cutler, 25, was diagnosed about two weeks ago and learned he needed daily insulin injections, his business manager Marty Garafalo told The Associated Press. Mr. Garafalo said the quarterback is managing his disease and “in no way is his football career jeopardized.”

Last week a professional cycling team called Team Type 1 placed third among teams in the Tour de Georgia, a major United States cycling race. Four of the 15 riders on the Team Type 1 professional squad — co-founders Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge, as well as Tim Hargrave and Fabio Calabria — have Type 1 diabetes, although only Mr. Calabria rode in the race.

The Web site Dlife lists other famous athletes who have Type 1 diabetes, including swimmer Gary Hall Jr., an Olympic gold medalist, professional snowboarder Sean Busby, and New York Knicks center Chris Dudley.

Last year, The Times wrote about athletes with Type 1 in an article called “Diabetic and Determined.'’ To read it, click here.

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I am very sorry to hear he has type 1. It is a very difficult disease to deal with and play at a high level.

Difficult yes, but impossible no.

Frankly I hate the Broncos (Go Bolts!)…but I am now a huge Jay Cutler fan. I hope he handles everything well for the upcoming season. I would hate to see him go down for anything realted to Diabetes. We need more exposure and I see this as an opportunity for another Type 1 to prove that we can perform at the hightest level in ANY profession. I am confident that Jay will be up to the challenge.

Here’s Jay’s press conference announcing his diagnosis. Looks like he was losing weight and going through the symptoms of high blood sugar during last season. He was the starting quarterback of an NFL team last year…probably playing games with blood sugars of 400 or even 500 mg/dl. Just listening to him describe his symptoms brings back so many memories. He seems to be optimistic, and he’s already gaining back the weight.

Good Luck this season Jay, I know you’ll bounce back and kick some butt.

Hey Cutler,

Glad to see you are back in top form and obviously managing your T1 diabetes. It is truly inspiring for a fellow T1 like me to watch you perform at the highest level in the NFL. Great game this past Sunday vs. the Chargers.

But diabetic or not, buddy, that was a fumble. You know the ref handed you that game. The city of San Diego awaits your arrival in December so please make sure you’re prepared for a vengeful thrashing.

Always in good health.

Your Friend,
Dino the Chargers Fan

I just blogged about an article that Your Diabetes May Vary blogged about last night. Some people out in the blogosphere are confusing type 1 and type 2 and offering commentary on Jay’s appearance in a McDonald’s ad.

I’ve been following this since it was announced back in the summer. Thanks for posting this though. While it’s not good for Jay, it’s always encouraging to see athletes living with 'betes.

I’m an Eagles fan, but I can’t help but root for the Broncos now - as long as they’re not playing the Eagles of course :slight_smile:

That ref is despairing over his mistake. I feel really bad for him. It’s his job to get it right, but the fact of the matter is it’s all of our jobs to do things right, but we’re human and humans screw up.

Yeah I read that…poor guy. I guess I can’t blame the Broncos for taking the bad call and making the most of it. Typical Chargers start to a season…after those first two losses I hardly have any more heart left to break :frowning: