i am on the Animias Ping pump for almost 3 weeks now…anyone know or have suggestions on how not to get bruises at the infusion site? i have several bruises from the infusion sites and it hurts? am i doing something wrong?

Hi Mary Ann - What type of infusion sets are you using? I’ve found some bruise more than others - also, I’ve found that bruising can be worse if I’m not careful in the way I remove it. Other than that, I am very fair skinned and thin-skinned - so unfortunately, bruising is just gonna happen sometimes, but I’ve gotten good at minimizing.

Good luck

HI there. I’m still trying to get used to using this website so hopefully it’s okay I join in the conversation. Anyway, how do you remove the infusion set without bruising so much. I am also fair skinned and bruise very badly for a couple days after the set is removed. The site even looks a little infected after removal. And, yes, I’m extremely clean and use alcohol, neosporin, etc.

iI also have been on the Ping Pump for about a month and bruise like crazy! I’m using the insertion set that goes straight in but I called Animas and asked them to send me sample angled sets. I just received 2 of those from Animas (at no charge) so I’m going to try them out next time I change sites.

I have found there are a few places where there are small veins near the surface of my abdomen. When I hit one with an insertion set, I KNOW IT. It HURTS. I try and use the set just installed but note its location so I can avoid it. Thus far I have found four spots to avoid. The other clue to bruises is if there is pain with boluses.

If a site bleeds on removal of the cannula, apply direct pressure with your finger, depressing the skin to your first knuckle for about three minutes. I found this stops the bleeding and therefore bruising.

Hope this helps.