Bruising from Lantus?

My transition from Lantus to Levemir is going well. I may have to up my dose a little bit, but I'm just keeping an eye on it and doing some basal testing at first.

I have, however, noticed something odd:

I had a lot of bruising from the Lantus injections -- each injection left me with a quarter- to half-dollar-sized bruise that lasted for several days to a week or more. I use the front of my thighs for Lantus, and they looked like they'd been splashed with ink by a demented printer -- however, my short-shorts and mini-skirts days are far behind me so no worries.

Now here's the weird thing, I'm injecting the exact same amounts of Levemir and these injections are leaving a completely different kind of mark -- I get a tiny, circular, very red mark but not the huge bruises that I got from the Lantus.

I know Lantus is very acidic (the famous Lantus Burn) but I'm still injecting the same total amount of fluid.

Have I stumbled upon another advantage of Levemir?

Hmmmm...strange! I only occasionally got bruising from any of the insulins I used (I switched from Lantus to Levemir and used Apidra). Have you tried injecting elsewhere?

I had trouble with Lantus, bruising and lipohypertrophy. I used Levemir for about a year and the bruising stopped so did the lumps and bumps.

I'm glad to hear that the lumping and bumping came to a halt for you.

I'm pretty sure it's over for me, too, as I haven't gotten a single new thigh bruise since the switch. Yay!

I inject the Novolog in my abdomen and I do get an occasional bruise from that, but it's almost alway my fault (mis-handling the pen or injecting too fast when I'm in a hurry.)