Using levemir

I have been on levemir for two months and blood glucose is getting down. I had brusing and pink spots from the injections in my abdomen and eas advised not to use alcohol pads. Then I was advised to use my thighs. That worked for a day but the bruises and pi.k spots are back. I even had a raised lump that has been absorbed. I have switched back to my abdomen but the pink spots are showing up again. And of course it is the weekend with no on-call service. Any suggestions? I went one month with no problems. Also I hate the stinging.

I sometimes get those reactions. It might be a reaction to the preservatives in Levemir, in which case, you may ask to try Lantus. I get more stinging from Lantus, but everyone is different. Aside from that, what length needles are you using? Changing that to longer or shorter needles may help. When I first started taking insulin, i had a lot of irritation around the site - for me, using shorter needles helped. Finally, how big a dose are you taking? It might help to split it into two injections, possibly even 12 hours apart. Talk to your doctor about the options.

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Are you using pen needles or syringes. I find I do much better with syringes and slightly longer needles (I use 8 mm), than I do with pen needles (much more bruising, marking etc). I also use levemir.