BS was 28, treated, now super high?

I had a 28 in the middle of the night and I treated and bolused for extra to prevent a high from over treating. Now Im in the low 300s and Im taking insulin like crazy and it wont come down.

855am- 309

1011am- 298

1130am- 303

I haven't eaten anything and Im drinking a ton of water.

What gives? How can I get this down?

My site and insulin are fine.

I get this sometimes and when I eat and take insulin its sorts itself out.

8 oz oj and 2 glucose tabs.

Im thinking when I get home from work around 2 I may bust out a syringe…

That’s what I always did when I pumped, I never really trusted that my site were working correctly, and many times I was right!

It sounds like you may have had a strong counterregulatory response. This may have left you insulin resistant. Keep drinking the water, keep trying to correct, but understand that your normal correction doses may not bring you down from a high as you might expect.

Thanks everyone. I finally came back down after the water, bolus, walking trio. :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you got this under control.

We had a couple of situations which seemed to be the onset of a flu or infection. David was on a pump, so we returned to shots, reading BG’s ever hour and dosing two times the normal basal needs for several days to get things back under control. Very tough few days getting up around the clock for hourly BG checks.