Extended High BG - no explaination

For all the time i've been at this T1 thing (34 years) I can't remember anytime when i've dealt with an extended period of high BG with NO EXPLANATION. OK, i've had my high times... but it's always been explainable (missed an injection, gorged on carbs, sick, tired, stressed, etc.) but now... I can't think of any reason and I can't seem to do much to fix this. So far about 72 hours, taking more insulin in 24 hours than I normally take in a week! Honestly i'm terrified to take enough insulin to get my BG down cause if whatever is causing this changes i'm going to have a low like no other! (right now i'm limiting to double my usual max bolus, and that's already scary)

So.... am I missing something?
- i'm not sick
- no unusual stress (though now high bg is stressing me out, ugh)
- tried new vials of both insulins
- no infections I can see or feel
- not hot, cold, or in any kind of discomfort
- not been exercising vigorously
- not eating unusual food (but keeping up with regular nutritional needs)

(i'm not really worried about DKA yet cause as much as I feel the general yickyness of being high i'm still functional .. BG is just stuck at that 10+ mmol/l (180) level)

So sorry you're having this problem. I'm sure it will pass. You're right not to over-do with insulin because that can hurt you permanently. I'd give it another day or 2 and then call your doctor if you're still having high sugar. Good Luck!

Thanks Sweet Lady... I'm certainly hoping "this too shall pass" i'm always in such a horrible mood when i'm high I just want to get back to "normal".
More than anything I would like to figure out what might be causing this!

Are you on a pump or shots? If you're on a pump, obviously the first thing to do is to change your set, and use a completely different area of your body in case there is an absorption problem.

If you are on shots, (I see you say "both insulins" so you are), I would also suggest trying a completely different part of your body. Are you sure of your ISF - how much one unit of insulin drops you for corrections? I would continue to correct but keep track of insulin on board so you don't stack.And if you need a bit more than usual, go ahead and use it again keeping track of insulin on board. Keep testing regularly to make sure you don't go low. Try and minimize carbs you eat. You say you are stuck at 180 - that is high, but not dangerously high and you can still exercise as well. You might want to also up your basal a bit and just ride this out. It will come down in time.

If this continues for any period of time you may want / need to get tested for insulin antibodies (not Islets of Langerhans antibodies). These can develop over time with any diabetic. I have these and I know my insulin requirements increased quite significantly. Your endocrinologist will have to request the test; most insurance plans will cover this.

I know you don't think this is dka, you don't have the symptoms etc. but have you tested for ketones? I would do that just in case it may be some infection that you're not aware of also. I would call your clinic/endo and ask them what to do and what they may think is going on.

I agree that you don't want to take that much insulin for long.

Maybe you are becoming insulin resistant, I have read that can happen in type 1 too. Maybe you need a lot more for some other reason now.

Doing some housework also seems to make me go lower, so I would try something that you know has that effect on you.

I'm new at this and those are the only things I can think of at the moment.

I hope you feel better soon.

I love your reassuring advice Zoe Thanks! I'm on shots - tried new locations already (but great thought!). I'm a bit hesitant to take on much more than gentle exercise, because I do have a unusually high amount of IOB. I've got a fairly good idea of my ISF - but it's right out the window right now. I'm starting to wonder if being high carries some momentum with it.. .i.e. the longer you are high the harder it gets to get down.
Bouncing around above 180, just never getting below that - something has given me sudden and serious insulin resistance, i'm thinking. The thing i'm stuck to figure out is WHY!

Maybe I need to find a Target store... I hear they are a sure fire way to get your BG down LOL (too bad we don't have any in Canada just yet, they are coming though, can't wait to try it out)

lol, Target lowers your bg, they should put that in an ad!

Kevin, I will definitely investigate the antibodies question... I wonder if they can change suddenly (this has been a dramatic change over my usual, with a sudden onset).

It could be my friend. They can change quickly. I just had to get used to a higher insulin dosage.... it's a workable situation, no worries.

this is definitely not a static disease, just when you think you've got it together (not that I ever have, LOL) the rules change!

Have you, in the past, related high BG to changes in your monthly cycle? I have been T1 for 30 years and started really noticing significant changes about 2 years ago. So much difference in fact, that I increase my basal needs by 25% and lower my I:C ratio.

Smile and nod should answer here, when I asked about switching to a pump after 37 years on MDI, she replied her old lady hormones forced her to. I guess she and her endo were running out of options to control blood sugars. Don't know if you're friends but you could ask her.And FWIW, Target doesn't lower my blood sugars at all, neither does housework, or at least that's the line I hand my husband.

Wal-mart, Target, and LowesALL lower my blood sugar significantly: all the walking around and looking and back and forth will do it.Grocery shopping in the neighborhood store requires a far too slow a pace to do much to my blood sugar,I suggest to the OP to just adjust the basal dosage slightly, and ride it out. I have had some days when I appeared to be insulin resistant but it is usually do to pump problems ( bad absoroption from a faulty site, or crimped cannulas). when I was on Mdi, I would try not to stack insulin and would just exercise more;drinking a lot of water, and checking for ketones.

God bless


my old lady hormones are definitely a possible suspect in this mystery... normally they don't wrack havoc for so long though (and their timing is all off, but that's not so surprising)
insulin antibodies will be another avenue of investigation...

just hoping this isn't a new "normal" ugh.

So far you guys have been the best cure for my BG woes - finally broke that 10mmol/l (180) mark this morning. WOOOO HOOOO for 9.4mmol (169)!!!

increased my am basal and am taking on some serious housework ...keeping my fingers crossed I can break 8mmol (144) today :)

Everyone has offered up some good suggestions. Are you positive you don't have any underlying infection anywhere? I know a few times when I've battled high BGs, I think (in hindsight) it was due to my body fighting something. Hormones are also a possibility. Sudden hormonal changes can always make me go high. Ugh. Just when you think you have it all figured out....

Yay!!! Have fun with the housework & let us know if it helps u go lower :slight_smile: