Bubble bubble, toil and TROUBLE

I'm a relative pump newbie (approx. 6 months). One of the most aggravating things in the transition has been the business of squinting and tippy tap tap tapping to get the bubbles out of the reservoir every time you replace infusion sets, in order to prevent voids in the delivery tube later on. I've gotten pretty good at it, but a couple of times recently I've managed to accidentally yank my infusion set out and had to replace it, which entails pulling the (still loaded) reservoir out of the pump. Both times I've noticed a LOT of very small bubbles in the reservoir, despite how diligently I had cleared it when I originally loaded it. They definitely weren't there when I originally assembled the whole set.

Anyone know if this is normal--bubbles just develop in there after a while? Or does it indicate something wrong, a leak in the reservoir or something? Maybe a temperature thing? I let the insulin sit at room temp for the statutory 15-20 minutes before starting and the vial's not cold to the touch, but maybe that's not long enough? I know that voids can really screw things up, and I've certainly had my share of puzzling results in getting acclimated to this system, so I'd appreciate any input from you more experienced guys. Thanks!

"Champagne" bubbles are fine. It's the big bubbles that you have to get out.

I don't keep my active vial of insulin cold, so not sure if that has anything to do with increased bubbles over time. I treat my reservoir just like a big syringe, so I pull back the plunger, let the insulin fill, then whack the heck out of it to get all the bubbles at the top and push them back into the vial. Repeat as necessary.

You need to get the air out of the syringe first before you fill it with insulin.
Try not to agitate the insulin by squirting it back into the vial - you're bound to get a lot of bubbles doing it that way.

Yeah, that's what I'm seeing. Thanks!

Yeah, that's how I was doing it when I first started, harking back a couple of treatment regimes to when I used to use syringes, but I've been having enough trouble getting it dialed in that I'm trying to eliminate as many variables as possible.

I haven't found that at all. Perhaps because I let the insulin settle before redrawing.

I leave the insulin out of the fridge for a few hours before starting the process. I take a small amount of insulin, so even the tiny bubbles can throw it off for me.

I've had this too...carefully eliminated every bubble...and then 2/3 days later when I change it all there are some proper big bubbles in there mainly held in that top portion where the tube and the insulin vial connect. On FB a lady said that it happens to her too, I don't keep the insulin I'm using in the pump in the fridge at all as it is ok out the fridge for a month and I will use it in that time (and that's what the hospital said to me)...I do wonder whether it is extra body heat...I just have no idea where they come from! Fortunately I haven't noticed them down the canula (til today) and generally control seems to be ok. However I am even newer to pumping that you :)