First Infusion Set Change!

So yesterday wasn't a very good day. I had to change my set out yesterday and I just felt like I didn't know what I was doing!...I was having trouble getting all the bubbles out and I just felt like I was doing it all wrong. I mean it is working because my numbers are down I'm just worried about all the bubbles in it. Tried getting ahold of my CDE and haven't heard back from her...hopefully I can go over there and she can help me when I have to do my set change again... I'm just really frusterated! >.< grrrr!! Besides that yesterday...I'm 26 yrs old and found out I'm gonna be a grandma... sorta lol my boyfriend (who i've been with for 5 years and he's quite a bit older then me) just found out his son is having a baby in October. So yeah it was just a crazy messed up day yesterday...*sigh*

Do you have the 800 number for your pump manufacturer? If so, feel free to call them anytime you feel you need help. I'm sure they'd walk you through anything you need with your changes, etc.

Hints re set changes - is usually better if insulin not just out of fridge, however, I can fill both room temp/fridge temp with no trouble. I think most important is to pull really really slowly to fill reservoir, insulin bottle pointing toward ceiling. Pull past where you want to stop, then tap a couple of times on reservoir, then push excess back out into insulin bottle. When priming, hold pump so that when you hold end of tubing the pump is "hanging" and the tubing is "reaching toward the ceiling" - this helps the air bubbles stay at the end of the reservoir and will prime out more easily. And you can always unhook and start over if the bubbles are to many just rewind and prime again to see if that will clear the bubbles. Good luck!

I agree the bottle towards the ceiling helps and then I keep the "out" end of the reservoir pointed up the whole time I'm priming it, after tapping them out furiously. I haven't noticed any problems w/ bubbles at all when I do that. Like Korrie said, get the bubbles into the tube while you're priming them and you'll be set?