Bubbles in my Insulin Pen

Hey, Im new to diabetes and taking shots for treatment and noticed there eventually gets bubbles in the insulin cartridge of the pen. I tried to tap it and then shoot a bit out but the bubbles seem to remain. Is it just a thing I shouldn’t worry about?


I keep getting them in my pens also. I just do not worry about it. I never use the last little bit in the pen anyway.

Since you are injecting into fat , it should pose no danger. However , it will decrease the dosage that you think that you are injecting. A bubble is going to be air, not insulin. I guess it depends on the kind of insulin also

Hey bro, its nothing really to worry about, as long as you are injecting downwards so the bubbles are not at the needletip end, they will never effect your dosage :wink: just dont go injecting upside down ;)! Been on the pen shots for all my diabetichood, and its not a problem. x

Bubbles come from temperature or pressure changes; so if you can keep the pen at about the same temp all the time, you’ll find less bubbles. They remain as artifacts long after the temp or pressure change has occurred. They’re not that big of a deal really. Frio wallets are a neat way to maintain constant temp; they have these water activated crystals that produce cold air until they dry out. No batteries required. Kind of balances out the heat we get down here in Texas!

If the bubbles are large, the could result in a smaller dose being given. If you notice this, or they just bug you you can get rid of them. Dial a unit or 2 without the needle on and press the syringe. This will increase the pressure inside the cartridge. Tap the bubbles to the top of the pen. Then screw the pen needle on SLOWLY and not all the way on. You should have some insulin come through the top. Then dial a unit and do an air shot. Hope this helps.

LOL, I have wasted a lot of insulin trying to get the bubbles out if my pen…lol I am glad I know not worry about the bubbles.