But I Sleep Late and Enjoy Juice More than Soda!

I think about diabetes a lot. When I contemplate my life and situation, I tend to reflect on the psycological impact it’s had on me personally.

Luckily (I guess??) for me, my mom and best friend both already had type 1 when I was diagnosed over ten years ago, so I kinda had two wonderful people to help guide me in the trenches. If you don’t have some kind of support group, go find one. It’ll be the best resource for sanity checks and “real world” diabetes information–as opposed to what some doctors, nurses, and books will tell you. I say this because I have always been very independent, so having type 1–which does not allow anyone total independence–severely cramps my style! :slight_smile: But when my best friend, who’s been T1 practically since birth, pointed out that diabetes can and should fit my lifestyle and that I could find a doctor who thought the same way (rather than forcing me to follow an unnatural, nearly impossible regimine), my life with diabetes changed. Even moreso since changing insulins. I don’t know how possible it is to tailor types 1.5 and 2 to an individual lifestyle, but anything that can be done to suit physiological needs to an individual’s personality and psychological needs should be tried. A good doctor will guide and assist, never deride or resist!

Life with diabetes is hard enough without having to change who you are entirely.

Well said!

Certain lifestyle and dietary changes are necessary, no question about it. You will have to make certain adjustments in your life… thats the reality. Though, Diabetes does not have to change everything about who you are.