Buying Dexcom sensors in Canada

Now that Animas is closed, does anyone know where I can order more dexcom sensors? I live in Ontario, Canada.

You might try starting with this contact info.


I found this at this web page.

They can be purchased directly from Dexcom and ordered online from the Dexcom Canada website. Animas was merely the distributor of the G4 system, Dexcom established an independent subsidiary prior to launching the G5 and sells everything directly now.

Unless they’ve changed their policy in recent months, you cannot purchase sensors online until you have already purchased a transmitter or receiver direct from Dexcom Canada (not from Animas). Something about guaranteeing you’d be shipped the right equipment. (“Thanks, but I know what I need by now” is not an appropriate reply.)

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It would be a bummer if they shipped the G4 sensor instead of the G5 sensor.

(Sorry - lame humor. Couldn’t pass it up.)



I just ordered a box of sensors and they don’t charge shipping for just one box any longer. Used to be a shipping charge for under $500.

a box of sensors was 195

Are you talking CAD from dexcom Canada? I normally pay $340/box