Byetta and nausea

I’ve been taking Byetta now for 3 month. When I first started I got a little nausea just a few time. Now I.m getting nausea from it almost every day. I’ve got to where just the smell of it makes me sick. I don’t have an appointment with my Dr. for another 2 month’s. Has this happen to anyone else this long after starting it, if so, did it last?

I took Byetta for a month without side-effects. Started my second pen 5 mcg and the second day got very sick, vomiting, etc. all day. My dr. took me off. She said she was alarmed when I got sick since I hadn’t for a month.Call your dr. She had already ordered me the 10 mcg, 3 months supply when she took me off. Although they haven’t been opened, pharmacy will not take it back. $856 worth of med, for which I pd. $215 co-pay. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with it?