Byetta journey

Started Byetta 06/21/2014. Starting weight 209.5
Day One:Janumet ended and started on Metformin 1000 mg's twice a day. Took all my morning meds. at 7:30am. Gave myself my injection in my stomach one hour later before eating. Could not eat. Thought of eating made me feel ill. Picked a little, very little through out the day. Did not take any finger poke readings as I wanted to give it a day. Took my evening Metformin, hour at 5pm gave injection of Byetta. felt very nauseous but no throwing up. Felt tired and went to bed early without eating anything.
Day two: Woke up feeling a little nauseous. Took morning blood sugar reading 189 :( Higher than I have ever had for a pre-meal morning reading. Took morning meds at 7:30am Gave Byetta injection at 8:30am. Ate a 1/4 cup of oatmeal. No hunger at all. Some nausea but not too bad. Tried a cup of coffee, it didn't sit well. Picked a little throughout day, drank a lot of water. Stayed close to the bathroom most of day :(
Took my evening injection in stomach and became very sick very quickly. A lot of throwing up for 10 minutes till nothing left. Afterward felt fine. Still very little appetite. For me this is a good thing as I am trying to lose 40 pounds to get back to my pre diabetic weight. Not as tired today.
Day three: Slept great last night. No nausea this morning but did have to make a run for the bathroom. Took morning meds at 7:30am. I decided to try the in the thigh injection today after reading this can help with nausea. Gave injection at 9am. Took my morning blood sugar 179 :( No nausea at all. I ate (1) scrambled egg and 1/4 slice of toast. This is all I could make myself eat. Took my after meal blood sugar and it is 111. I felt more energy today. Went swimming. Another bathroom run. Seems whatever I eat quickly exits my body. This could be the Metformin. Had a 1/2 cup of soup and 4 crackers for lunch. This sat ok. Didn't have to force it down but felt very full after eating this. It seems that giving my injection in my thigh is the key to not having nausea. I am also not turned completely off by the thought of food. Not much appetite but able to eat small meals. Took evening meds at 5pm and gave injection at 5:40pm. Not hungry for any supper. Had hot tea with splenda and no milk and a yogurt.
Day four: Felt really good this morning, following same schedule as previous day for meds. Drank 4 ounces of pro biotic yogurt drink, 4 bites of scrambled egg, 1/4 of an apple. I am having a hard time eating anything with a peel on it. Tried grapes and had to spit out the skins after 3 of them. No nausea at all today. Had 4 pieces of shrimp and a little rice for lunch. Bathroom run an hour later. Felt a little more tired today and took a 20 minute nap. Gave 5pm injection of byetta. Ate at 5:45pm, raw cucumbers and raw broccoli with a little balsamic vinaigrette about 1/3 cup and 1/3 cup of watermelon with a cup of black tea with splenda. No nausea and feeling very full. Evening meds at 8pm.
If I can get my blood sugars under control I think this Byetta journey may be a God send. I have not weighed myself yet. I will at the end of my first week. I am not binge eating anymore, nor am I FOCUSED on food.

Morning blood sugar 179 :( I ate a bowl of cereal at 9:30pm and took pain meds last night. This may have to do with higher reading this morning. weight 201. Felt tired all day yesterday. Have been taking pain meds the last few days and think this is why.