I just read that Byetta started getting distributed in India by Ely Lilly:

It had been a while since any mention of Byetta (I recall) on TuDiabetes, so I thought I’d share and ask members who have joined since this topic came out about their experience with Byetta, if you are using it.

So I just got put on Byetta - got the first month as a sample from my new doctor in Texas but now I find out that I can’t get it in Mexico AND it costs about $200 a month (for me that will be plus tolls and gas to the border for a total of $300 per month). I was thinking that maybe an alternative would be to buy a Gila Monster and start collecting the spit. Then I can just inject that and hopefully keep the costs down. How much can Gila Monsters eat anyway? They must be lovely pets. Anyone out there tried this?

Hi Everyone,
I just went for my doc checkup and am off of Januvia and on Byetta. Our decision was based mainly on the time of day that I am having the greatest difficulty in controlling my numbers. Morning and Dinnertime. I took my first shot this morning and have one side effect already. the "runs"
Anyway, I’m gonna hang tight with this for a month and see what happens. (I’ll do a little update post in my blog as I go along.)

Hi Ladylace.
I am a type 2 and was recently diagnosed, but found out I had kidney failure and liver and heart trouble first. I have had a lot of time spent with nausea and fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure and the inability to digest food very well. Now I know why. There is a lot of diabetes in my family, but I never suspected I was one. I kept telling my internist how bad I was feeling, but she said I was fine. My new doctor has started me on Glipizide and it helped some, but I couldn’t get my blood sugars down low enough. He then started me on Byetta and it has really made a differenc for me. My first A1C was 17. I had no idea how much trouble I was in. I have lost 10 pounds since starting the Byetta and truly feel like a different person. I am sure that everyone is different and hope you find what works for you. I am able to keep tight control of my blood sugars and am not bothered by the nausea unless I am too high or too low. I have had one day of major crashs and one day of major highs and had to shoot twice in one night. I feel extremely grateful to finally know what is wrong with me and have someone who is dedicated to really helping me to hang on to the small bit of kidneys I have left and handle my diabetes well enough to help me hang onto my liver and my heart. I am seeing a nephrologist and a cardiologist as well. But my biggest help is the primary care doctor who tells me every day is important I am working really hard to do everything I can to get my A1C down and will be happy to report in another month or so when we check it again. I hope you find a comfortable and workable set of meds and I pray you have a great support system. Good luck with everything.

I began the 5 mcg pen on June 30th, 2008, and stayed on that for one month. At the end of July, I began the 10 mcg pen, and have been using that ever since. My BG levels are way improved, and I’ve lost a total of 12 lbs (about 1.5 lbs a week), and only suffered mild nausea for the first week on each dose. It has reallly helped me with appetite/hunger control. I also take 1500 mg of Glucophage (Metformin) and do daily cardio as well as eat low carb. I track my daily food on, to ensure I am eating low carb and low saturated fat. My main concern right now, is, what happens when I reach my goal weight? Do I stop taking Byetta? What if I begin gaining weight and experiencing high BG levels again? In other words, I am just wondering what the “maintenance plan” is , for people using Byetta.

I kind of started Byetta… but find it hard to remember to give myself a shot 1/2 to 1 hour before eating. sounds crazy… but that is the way it is.
I have been doing my Metformin on days that I know it is going to be crazy… and really haven’t been back to see the Dr. to see if this is alright. My levels are doing good, but need my life a little more calm. My daughter just got married Sunday, and guests are still at the house.
Does anyone use both?(Metformin & Byetta) I have read that it can be prescribed that way… but they are talking about having both shots and meds in the same day.
The only side effect from this diabetes thing is after 56 years… I have now started to sweat. I don’t think I like it!
But if I can shed some of the pounds, I will be very happy. I am watching the carbs, and sugars… and doing exercises three times a week at the hospital. Down like 3 lbs? I really would like to see lower numbers on the scale.
Please if you are having problems or know of a way of getting this down pat, let me know.
This is my first month on byetta, and found out in May that I was diabetic.

I would love to hear any more about how this has helped anyone with morning highs/“Dawn Effect.” This is one area I am just having a challenge with. I have tried late evening snacks, moving my metformin pils to the late evening timeframe, and this has helped a little. I am just trying so hard to get this number better, when im awake i seem to be ok lol.

How many using it have seen better morning readings? Thanks!

I stopped my night sweats when I began insulin. Since adding Byetta I have been feeling colder than I used to. Quite unusual for me.

I’ve been on Byetta for six months now. While I have lost 11 pounds. I’m not convinced that it was due to the Byetta. I have little nausea from it and often wonder if I should have a higher dosage. I’d put up with more nausea if only my appetite would diminish. My last A1c was 5.3 and cause for celebration. Because of that and the weight loss, my doctor, who was originally skeptical when I asked to try Byetta, doesn’t want me to change anything.

My morning tests are better also, but that may be because of a change in eating habits.

Right now my goal is to improve my kidney tests. I’m taking benfotiamine because of some recent study reports but have not seen any improvements in protein passage in two months of use. (300mg daily)


My last A1c was a 5.3 as well, so was kinda curious how my doc would react. So it doesnt sound like the Byetta is helping you much? Are you still on it? Im not crazy about the injection idea, but ill suck it up if it will help. Im in pretty good control, just tested 96, 2 hrs after dinner… its just those morning highs… was 138 this am after about 8 hrs sleep…