Caffeine, good or bad?


I had abit to much caffeine tonight, 2 cups coffee, and 1 litre diet pepsi, Love my pepsi and caffeine!!! I told someone how much I had and they said it was bad for diabetics, is this true? And how bad is it if it is. My sugars didn’t spike( 6.5), the only reaction I have is being AWAKE and I think I’m in for a long night. hb


I always wondered the same thing… good question, too bad I’m unable to provide an answer :wink:


Your question meaning raising blood sugars or ??
In the morning as I " eyeball " my carbs and hopefully give enough bolus , numbers generally OK .In other words I bolus for regular coffee as part of my breakfast .
I drink decaf in the afternoon …actually have watched my numbers go up , if I drink regular coffee …I wear CGMS most of the time


There are many past discussions about caffeine & blood sugar you can search.

The jury seems to be divided on this one:) Some people get spikes from caffeine (especially in the morning), but others don’t. Caffeine can trigger cortisol stress hormones that raise BG, but you’re not effected & that’s great.


I think the caffeine does more in the irregular heart beat area than BGs. So if your diabetic and have heart problems it might not be good for you.


I usually have to take a little bit extra bolus when I drink my coffee… I always thought it was because the half & half cream that I add to it… not thinking that I was the caffeine that was affecting me because I drink diet coke/pepsi all the time and my BG never is affected by that.


So why do people think it’s so bad for diabetics and not so bad for people without? What’s the difference?
1.No heart problems here, 2. Has to have caffeine if I’m to drink it, love the way it keeps me awake (sometimes) 3. My teeth are not really o.k but was told to rinse after I drink either,and brush half hour after.So far so good, No stains no cavities again. 4. I drink my coffee black 5. if there’s no problem then I’m going to get my cup now. hb


HAHAHAH I AGREEE… mmmmmmmm COFFEEEEEE :slight_smile:


Make a sentence with “coffee”, “good” and “bad”.

COFFEE is GOOD for me because if I don’t have mine in the morning, I’m starting to be BAD. :wink:


here’s a discussion on coffee started by Manny with 279 replies


A CDE just told me that “they” had just discovered that caffeine raises BS. I figured out that it raises mine shortly after diagnoses. Other than that, Coffee and tea are good for us…lots of flavanols or antioxidents or something, so I say, enjoy! A litre of diet pepsi sounds like a whole different story…