Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


I have one big vice: I drink a lot of coffee. I oscillate between 3 and 5 cups of black coffee every day. Every time I see a study that says that coffee is good, I jump. Then again, when I read the studies that make it look not-so-great, I frown.

Am I alone? Can I take a show of hands to see how many coffee drinkers are in here?

What do you know about coffee and diabetes that we should know?

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Dear Manny. A mug of coffee skyrockets my blood sugar. An example this morming from 110 to 200. Of course without any sucrose in it. And only a bit of 1% milk. But love the stuff what a rush.

If Venezuelan coffee is like Costa Rican it must be heaven. Went to Costa Rica in the 1980 and broght back several bag.


I have coffee once a week but, I am a big tea drinker!!! I never adjust for them but that may be because I drink them with nothing added!!!


I’m a coffee drinker as well, unsweetened but with coffee mate or about 1/4 cup of whole milk, but one to two cups a day max. I have measured my BG and coffee with a couple teaspoons of coffee mate or whole milk has no impact on my BG at all, I thought it was a safe beverage for me, which I opt for whenever other people are ordering dessert.


Cortisol/stress hormone can effect blood sugars, and I think caffeine can contribute to stress/anxiety and cortisol levels. I had a naturapathic doctor tell me to cut back to improve my sugars. She said even no chocolate. Pshaw! Caffeine helps too much with brain function. =)


COFFEEE COFFEEE COFFEEEE COFFFEEE I love coffee can you tell LOL…I know it has been a while since I have been on here but been very busy…Speaking of coffee I need a cup right now LOL.


My normal blood pressure is 88/54, pulse 52. If I don’t drink coffee all day long, I won’t be able to stay upright and get everything done that needs to be accomplished. I am addicted to two things, coffee and exercise. The exercise messes with my blood sugars a lot more than coffee does. Besides, the study says that if you drink coffee you won’t get type 2 diabetes…so I’m safe on that one!


Wow, Donna…my blood pressure is generally 150/90, pulse 95…and this WITH 2 dif. B.P. meds…I average 2 cups of coffee a day…and I don’t think it affects either my B.P. or B.S., however, stress certainly does…for both, and the Imitrex I take for migraines ( only when needed ), raises my blood pressure…but when I have a bad migraine, I simply can’t function without the Imitrex ( if I took time off from work every time I had I migraine…I wouldn’t have a job!..and that’s only time off Re. migraines! ).


You know, there’s something to be said about nursing your morning cuppa java, wearing your fuzzy housecoat and bunny slippers while looking out your living room window into a frigid December morn, and feeling sorry for the poor chump next door, walking his pooch with poop bag clasped in his frozen fingers! Yes…you gotta love those frosty mornings.


I love my morning coffee. There are days when I drink more than my usual 2 cups - as much as 4 or 5 cups. I have noticed a jump in my blood sugars if I drink caffeinated coffee (as high as 10 points). So I try to stick with decaf, which doesn’t have an affect on my blood sugars. I say pox on all these “studies” about coffee. If you like it and it does not hurt your diabetes than drink it.


Being diabetic, I need a jump start in the morning to get these muscles working! It’s a part of my morning ritual. When I think i’m going to crash, Sometime during the day, I have to have a diet soda too. Mornings are especially rough.


Tell me about it! There are times you pretty much have to scrape me off the bed with a spatula…so, yes…coffee DOES help!!!


Well, I don’t drink coffee a lot but when I need it, I need it. I’ve cut out a lot of not good things so I don’t think I can sacrifice my java just yet. And I sweeten it with Xylosweet instead of sugar or chemical sweetner. So I think I’m doing ok. Just gotta stay from that evil empire that puts sooooo much bad things in their coffee drinks (even though they taste sooooooooooo good)


hi! my sister’s husband has diabetes type 2. he doesn’t like coffee at all. i read in inet that the intensive use of coffee can prevent the diabetes of the second type. so…i try to drink coffee more now.
read more about coffee and diabetes here


I am a soy milk /no sugar coffee fiend. I am pretty sure it is no good for me but I have one physical vice. Coffee. Is it as bad for me if I add cinnamon? LOL!


Actually, cinnamon added to coffee tastes pretty good…with the added factor tha cinnamon has been said to help reduce your BG …so, how can you falter?? :slight_smile:


There have been conflicting reports regarding cinnamon… it helps, it hinders, it helps – but only if you buy the expensive kind in the very expensive supplements (not the expensive stuff in the name-brand spice section or the cheap stuff in the bargain spice section)… it’s beginning to sound like a game of fizzbin…


Isn’t that just SO typical…it always has to be an expensive supplement…so, I guess my sprinkling cinnamon on the coffee grounds before processing, is good only for one thing…the flavour!!! Oh well…c’est la vie!


I’d say the jury’s out regarding BG issues. However, it gives the coffee a pleasing flavor, and it has other health benefits as well… so unless it does something untoward like causing a huge spike… if you like it, add it!


Yaaah coffee!!! And I go through probably 6-8 cups a day.

It does not seem to affect my blood sugars, nor my sleep, although I don’t drink caffeinated coffee after 9 at night.