A really good friend of mine with T2 diabetes and kidney disease was recently diagnosed with Calciphylaxis. She’s had kidney disease for much of her life, and this condition is more common for people with ESRD (end-stage renal disease). She told me that her doctor said that it’s also common with people who have had to undergo amputations due to diabetes. I haven’t found much info about this online though.

Her attitude toward the diagnosis is, as always, worthy of admiration.

My attitude could use some work. I’ve never heard of this condition, and I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that there doesn’t appear to be anything she can do about it except go to the hyperbaric chamber regularly which she’s been doing for the last year or so. Her doctors actually attribute her lack of infections so far to her regularly going to the hyperbaric chamber.

I’m posting this thread because I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this disease and/or if anyone has any recommendations on questions to ask her doctors or treatments to consider.

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