Possible kidney disease

I was just wondering if it is possible to have stage 2 kidney disease and also general polyneuropathy in legs with normal retinas. I have no damage in my eyes, but recently diagnosed with bad neuropathy in legs and stage 2 CKD. I knew I was going to have nerve damage in the leg that suffered a massive DVT. I can’t do a lot with that leg anymore. It’s like 50 percent weaker than the other one, but the polyneuropathy really threw me for a loop. It says I have no Sural Nerve response, completely dead Sural nerve, but I wonder how accurate these tests are. No Sural Nerve would put me in a wheelchair I think right?

My BP tends to jump around a lot from high, to extremely high, to long periods of being completely normal, even without meds. I have to play musical chairs with medications and my BP. My A1C has been 5.9 for the last year, and now down to 5.8. I started Jardiance 3 months ago and along with a way smaller amount of Insulin for one meal a day, things on that front are pretty good. I limited carbs down to 50-60 grams, or lower on most days.

I may have to go farther on limiting more carbs and maybe go back onto Metformin. I have intermittent gastroparesis-like issues. I am either locked up for days on end, skipping meals, and burping up days old food, or everything is just speeding through me and going to the bathroom up to 10 times a day. I bounce back and forth, and when things lock up, no measures employed can fix it until it relents on it’s own. I stopped my stomach acid blockers because I read they can cause slow stomach emptying. I just deal with the burning throat now and learned how to live with it. I also drink 2 daily doses of Miralax a day and I liquefy and drink one and a half cans of Kidney beans every other day. Deviating from this causes digestion to stop. But when it does stop, these protocols do not get it started again. I have been eating trigger foods for weeks and still stuff is moving. Eating cheese, and also some chicken with the skins on which usually starts a flare. But fingers crossed I can have some more good weeks to come. I live in constant fear of things locking up again, so much so that I am scared to change anything in my daily routine.

Doc wants me back on Statins and Lisinopril despite the BP sometimes going low to 80/66. I am afraid adding those meds and then the metformin back again will lock me back up. I never had an issue with Metformin though. I can literally take it on an empty stomach and have no issues. I just have trouble swallowing now. I chew or drink all my pills. Last time I had a pill stuck in my throat and hacked all night until it came out with some blood was it. I would rather be shot than try and swallow a Metformin pill. All this happened 2 years ago when the start and stop digestion started. Before this really good three week digestion period, I was having trouble for 2 weeks which ended up with me going to the ET severely dehydrated from skipping five days of food. My entire mouth became bone dry and has been bone dry for 2 years is why I can’t swallow pills. I take no meds that cause dry mouth. Only Sjogrens Syndrome or autonomic nerves can cause this from what I’ve read.

I am not sure, but will ask my endo doc tomorrow if it can be maybe diabetic autonomic neuropathy. It would make sense with all the systems starting and stopping. I finally got an endo doc a few months ago and she has been a god send for me. She said I was managing my diabetes like they used to manage it 40 years ago, but that since my A1C was good, she was happy it was working and then switched me to Jardiance. With Jardiance my foot on the floor morning swings have been evened out and my numbers are way better.

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Could be Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I wonder because I have a bump on one finger joint that came a year ago. I see the doc in 2 hours, gonna see what she has to say.

Hope that you can get some answers.

For your heartburn you might try something called Lane Labs Nature’s Lining. It’s a chewable Zinc L-Carnosine. It got rid of my husbands heartburn and a lot of customers. If you have heartburn you usually notice pretty quick when you chew one. (with a cracker or ? because of the zinc). My husband was bad, he would wake up choking. He used it about 3-6 months and got rid of most of his issues, he just can’t eat certain foods late at night. It’s amazing stuff, some health food stores that carry it get samples or the company might mail you a sample.

I hope things get better for you and you find out what’s causing the off and on problems. Maybe it will lead to a solution.

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I have the locked up problems a well. I eat a lot of vegetable. The one that helps the most is broccoli. I eat pumpkin puree, fiber 1 cereal in small bits like a 1/4 a serving(t00 much will block u up) , bell peppers. I tried magnesium bit not get results. Miralax does not work for me.

I drink one and a half cans of kidney beans with spices and blended up every other day. Whatever this it, I think it is nerve related as it goes in waves from being slow, to too fast, to nothing moving at all. Last night the beans went through me so fast I had stabbing pain in my colon and gas pain bad enough to remind me of gallstone pain. Then I let out a lot of gas and just felt like I had ground glass in my stomach for a while. It’s all better now. When I lock up it feels like my colon and sphincter is clenched/locked shut with no gas and no burping no matter how much I eat or drink. For days now, everything is moving and lots of big burps after eating. Once that stops and stomach bloats, I know it’s gonna go the other way again. Used to only happen three or four times a year though. I’d have much better BG control without the beans though.

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Welcome to my word. Because of the ravages of diabetes, I have Stage 4 kidney disease. Not on dialysis yet. But my eGFR is steady between 16 and 20 %. I also have a fistula in mt arm for when I do have to go on dialysis. As far as the neuropathy After being on drugs for year it went away on it own.
My endo doc and nephrologist look at me loosing over 180 lbs for me hangin in as well as I have.