Calcium and other supplements

Hi, I ran out of my calcium supplement and recycled the bottle BEFORE I wrote down what kind of calcium it was. I know there have been discussions on what kind is best for folks with DM and for the life of me, I cannot find where I wrote it down. Can anyone remind me? I promise to print the email this time and file it for NEXT time. LOL

Since I will be supplement shopping, any suggestions on others that are a must have for us? If you do have suggestions, will you include the dosage to get?

I’m currently taking
good multi
vit E
vit D
vit C
Niacin 200mg a day, working up…
B complex
milk thistle (liver support)
grape seed
salmon oil

Thanks in advance for your help

in Seattle

I take Calcium Citrate; Vitamin D3, Miracle Fruits of the World Liquid Vitamin [has C and B12 in it]; Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSN for my joints; a good Mature Muliti Vit as basics. I try other supplements x 1 bottle at least. some of them have not worked well with my prescript meds so I had to stop them.

I have had more side effects than help when I’ve tried anti depressants in the past. I’m realizing that with the dark of winter coming, I need to think about some supplements and see what I can do to support myself. Have you found anything that helps with emotions?



You might want to look into SAD light therapy. High LUX lights are expensive because the good ones are 10,000 LUX with no UV radiation. But they are very, very effective for seasonal affect disorder. All you do is sit under the light for 1/2 hour every morning. I bring mine to work and position it in front of my computer monitor.