I’m wondering about everybody’s experiences with supplements. Since I’m coping with a few autoimmune illnesses, energy is a huge issue, and because of steroid treatments over the years, bone health is an immediate concern. So I take a great multivitamin, minerals, extra calcium, 5,000 IU’s of D a day as well as vitamin B-12 injections (I’m deficient). I use an amino-acid supplement before and after workouts. A complex fish oil supplement with a balanced mixture of Omega oils that is the same as you’d find in salmon for cholesterol control and anti-inflammatory properties. Probiotics for gut and immune health (I’d say that’s not working - haha).

But I’m still very often dragging. I don’t work as severe fatigue and MS symptoms left me too unreliable for any reasonable corporation and even so, I still frequently don’t have enough energy to log 1,000 steps on my FitBit. Ridiculous. I used to climb mountains…gah.

A week ago I picked up a bottle of Organic Stride horny goat weed. Yes, I can hear you laughing all the way from Utah but listen…it works for energy. I know men use this for other reasons, and that it works for that, but this specific concoction of the weed and other energy-providing stuff really does give me a boost of energy that lasts all day. Otherwise, I’m using a drug called Nuvigil, which is for narcolepsy but is used off-label for MS-related fatigue. It works, but has side effects like shakiness and headache. Also, Nuvigil seems like speed in the sense that when I use it, I’m hyped up and do way too much, paying a huge price the next day.

So I’m always, always looking for herbal/natural support.

I have no idea if the goat weed would work on its own or if it’s the other ingredients in this specific product, and for sure I’ll experiment, but I’m wondering: What works for you? What do you take and why?

Hmm. I don’t have an energy problem per se, but here’s what I take exclusive of actual medication:

A high quality multi
A high qualify fish oil
10,000u of D-3 (dosage based on repeated lab tests)
Insulow (R-ALA plus biotin) as an insulin mimetic and to ward off or mitigate neuropathy
Evening Primrose oil (works synergistically with the R-ALA)

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R-ALA? I’d love to hear more about that.

Stands for R-alpha lipoic acid. Bernstein discusses it extensively, as do others. A simple search should turn up plenty of information. Though I’m not sure what effect if any it would have on demyelination, which is what MS is all about.

Gotcha - I actually am taking that for its antioxidant properties. Along with extra C and E.

With demyelination, there really isn’t a magic pill per se. I use a powerful, chemo-type drug each month that keeps things at bay. I haven’t developed any new (visible on MRI) areas of demyelination for years.

But I do believe in naturopathic style medicine whenever possible. There is always that low-level, ongoing systemic inflammation that I’m trying to fight.

Perhaps it’s time to read Bernstein.

Bernstein is worth reading for a whole host of reasons. Some people are put off by his exceptionally strict approach to managing diabetes, but that’s really missing the point, IMHOP. The rule with Bernstein should be the same rule as with any expert: take what’s useful to you and leave the rest. Either way, there’s a ton of useful information there.


Something else you might want to look into and work into your routine is K-2. In a nutshell, K-2 helps to shuttle calcium around your body. So even if you’re taking vitamin D and calcium supplements, if you don’t have enough K-2 your body might not be able to process and/or absorb it all. I take a daily supplement that is D-3 and K-2 together, so I get it all together. I had a low vitamin D reading back in March. I just re-tested and everything is back in range. I don’t know how much the K-2 helped with that, but like most supplements, it didn’t hurt.

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How can you tell when goat weed is horny?

I really don’t take supplements with two exceptions:

  1. Vitamin D. It’s almost impossible to get enough sun to be healthy. A few years back, I was so deficient in D that I had to take D bombs for 8 weeks just to get to the point where I could absorb a daily dose. Now I take 2000 IUs daily.

  2. Fish Oil to combat high cholesterol (because my PCP wants my cholesterol REALLY low).

All the rest I try to get through food–especially fruits and vegetables.


Love K2! So many people don’t know about it. :slight_smile: